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The dud coach

In all honesty do any of you think this dud coach with a team that would rank amoing the best in the NRL, have a chance at vying for the big one. I would not even call this dud a coach personally, I would like to hear your opinions.

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A message From The Eels Chairman - Max Donnelly, announced that all his proposed governance reforms have now been successfully passed following the support of over 90 per cent of PLC voters.

A message from the Eels Chairman

Mon 9 Dec 2019, 06:02 PM

Dear Members and Supporters,

Yesterday the Administrator of the Parramatta Leagues Club (PLC) Max Donnelly, announced that all his proposed governance reforms have

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15 Replies · Reply by Kramerica Dec 13, 2019

Russell Crowe Must Have A Rich Vein Of Blackmail Material Over Greenturd And Co - The $1 million Sam Burgess Salary Cap Exemption Has Been Approved - FMD What About Eels Exemptions Since 2010?

Sam's retirement, Walker contract stand-off opens door for Souths to chase Latrell

Michael Chammas

Fri 6 Dec 2019, 06:01 PM
Michael Chammas

The $1 million Sam Burgess salary cap exemption has opened the door for South Sydney to launch the club's biggest recruitment ra

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14 Replies · Reply by Clintorian Dec 7, 2019

Dylan Brown Tickled Pink To Remain In Blue & Gold - Brown Humbled By Support After Re-Signing With Eels

Life has changed dramatically in the past 12 m

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38 Replies · Reply by Snake - Hells Piper Dec 6, 2019

Daniel Alvaro Metric. Alvaro Has Three Of The Top Four Seasons For Involvement Rate (2017, 2018 And 2016 respectively), With Two Of Them Above 25%.

"You could really rename Involvement Rate as the Daniel Alvaro metric. The Eels forward has three of the top four seasons for involvement rate (2017, 2018 and 2016 respectively), with two of them above 25%. In plain terms, Alvaro either making a run

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15 Replies · Reply by Poupou Escobar Dec 6, 2019
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Prof. Daz replied to GRUNTA BIGWAD - Soggy Salada's discussion The Wizard
"Oh Kram, you're being too kind. We all know what a nice guy you are and thus we all know you're too polite to turn down their advances. Right wingers live by the mantra of rewarding risk taking, so we know when the hippos come knocking you're not go…"
1 minute ago
the eggman replied to MontoEel's discussion How bad are the Cowboys?
"Could cowboys have found a weakness in the Roosters armour last night?two tries behind the markers off a quick play the ball five out.Hopefully  BA and Mahoney take note ."
5 minutes ago
Prof. Daz replied to GRUNTA BIGWAD - Soggy Salada's discussion The Wizard
"LOL. Why don't you share your version of how cuck jokes and housing commission jokes, just to name two, avoid "family". Please feel free to explain how you two are actually the shining lights of civility on the site. It's interesting to watch your r…"
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Hell On Eels posted a discussion
“Winning is a habit” and “Confidence is contagious”, marks Lombardi, the legendary Packers’ coach.The Eels are certainly not short of both this year. And our reputation as soft-bellied champions is slowly eroding away, game by game, on the back of m…
10 minutes ago