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Stick a fork in us

Another season and it's that same sinking feeling. That feeling of disappointment that once again another year has slipped by and the premiership drought continues on its slow march towards its 40 year anniversary.

Tonight the Eels went into the clas

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Game Review

Piss poor performance but it's not surprising. Parra have been building to an end of season fade out.

Opacic - I've held off judgement to date as he has been solid in defence but tonight proved he offers absolutely nothing. He gets the ball off a back

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Fair Crack At The Finals

1. W. Smith

2. Sivo

3. D Brown 

4. Penisini

5. Ferguson 

6. Gutherson

7. Moses

8. RCG

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Papali'i

12. Matterson 

13. N Brown 

14. Cartwright 

15. Nuikore

16. Lane

17. Kaufusi

Oops a team list.

Here is what I think would be a team that will get us

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Wally Lewis Medal

Who do you think should have received the Wally Lewis Medal?

Did you agree with the popular choice of Tommy Turbo? 


Personally, I would have given it to Cameron Murray, I thought he was great running the ball, but in defence WOW! This skinny kid monst

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Eels name NRLW Top 5

The Parramatta Eels have announced the signing of their top five NRLW players for the 2021 season.

Under an NRL plan to ensure the 2021 competition has an even spread of talent, a group of elite female players have been centrally contracted and are b

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