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Where is our talent coming from

This is a slightly different tack to the same old questions, but at the same time, I think it identifies with Parra's need to be more visionary with our development squads and recruitment.

Last night I was at the annual presentation of a senior distr

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Eels vs Panthers 3, 2, 1

It was always going to take a real tough oppenent to snap us out of our malaise. We looked totally different than any of our other games this year. Hope the boys have learned their lesson.

3. Gutherson

2. Campbell-Gillard

1. Moses

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Footy IQ and Footy Smarts

This concept of IQ and footy smarts has become popular in recent times and I'm starting to wonder if we recruit from the other end. i.e. like picking a monkey, because you know you can train Parra's case it seems that in terms of defense, t

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How good is Hopgood?

Honestly people, how is all the talk today not about Hopgood. Everyone wants to focus on negatives from our trial yet i think Hopgood is 10 times more attention worthy. His stats yesterday were awesome while punching out 80 minutes. This guy is somet

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Our Juniors and an early comparison to the unquestioned top of the line rivals. I will be interested to read the responses given that I suspect not many know much about our juniors

I have cut and and pasted the relevant sections from The Cumberland Throws report on these trials as I believe we have a lot of nisnomers about our juniors and there current levels. Tarsha Gale is the womens u/19's, Harrold Matts u/17's and SG Ball u

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Coryn Hughes replied to LB's discussion Wighton rumours heat up as 'fantastic' option emerges.
"I reckon if he goes to Parramatta, they’re a good chance anyway, but I think he goes on an edge and stiffens up their edge defence and gives them that real presence out wide, because I think that’s what Parramatta lack at the moment.
“I think…"
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Poppa replied to Poppa's discussion Where is our talent coming from
"Great one has the answers but critising all and sundry usually doesn't get you anywhere.
It seems to me that a business model needs to be created that is original and suits the incumbent club, After all then are many clubs out…"
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"he was a real shocker LB
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"BEM those two are the quinella of boooooo!!
getting them both together is a massive disgrace n absolute rubbish Parra fans everywhere
remember Newcastle semi '21 that was hard to believe how inept either could be with the camera replays n bunker. It…"
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