ParraTrooper47 replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
"No worries Bem everyone's taste in music is different. "
1 minute ago
L3gEndTHECROWE3LS replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
"I am the same with INSUX. Hate the music. I think I was the only person in Aust that wasnt sad that MH hung himself."
13 minutes ago
Coryn Hughes replied to Alfred's discussion Interesting times
"100% it'll make them stronger but  they aren't in a position to win the comp though this is the thing.Moses definitely makes them better no doubt but enough to win he comp no chance.
This is what I'm getting at with both our halves going else where…"
19 minutes ago
BEM replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
"Sorry PT47 but disagree. 
Hate there music with a passion and will even go as far to change stations if one of their songs start to play."
27 minutes ago
BEM replied to Marty's discussion SIGNINGS
"Have Taupau and Allen even been announced or confirmed in any way?
As for going better next year, our roster has weakened so not sure about that.
Also a lot will depend on our halves situation. If one or both halves sign elsewhere for 2024 onwards,…"
30 minutes ago
SneakyEel replied to Marty's discussion SIGNINGS
"I reckon the signings are quite good so far. Hopgood, Hodgson, Taupau, Murchie, Allan, Momoisea and ASI are great buys. I actually predict we go better this year 

36 minutes ago
ParraTrooper47 replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
"They were a good band Bem and Nick's/McVie as lead vocals they were good to the eyes as well. Certainly not up there with the likes of Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple etc but very good in their own right "
1 hour ago
Tin Tim replied to Marty's discussion SIGNINGS
"Yes correct!! NRL are corrupt you only have to look at certain teams, rub of the green? You be the judge. "
2 hours ago
Tin Tim replied to Alfred's discussion Interesting times
"Lost faith with this club, can't even keep our spine together. I've given them loyalty all my life, these players turn their back to us all. Not the players fault I guess, this falls squarely at the clubs feet. If the Storm & Roosters & Penrith can…"
2 hours ago
BEM replied to Alfred's discussion Interesting times
"That comes with 36 years of failure."
2 hours ago
BEM replied to Marty's discussion SIGNINGS
"At his best, Allen is way better than Simonsson and probably Blake to.
Unfortunately he has been far from his best since joining the dogs."
2 hours ago
LB replied to Marty's discussion SIGNINGS
"Unfortunately i do not see Greig getting a look in, i hope i am wrong. Makatoa, Momoisea and Rodwell are all ahead of him at this stage."
2 hours ago
LB replied to Marty's discussion SIGNINGS
"I do not get the Allen signing as he is not better than what we currently have. I wouldn't have him at this stage over Blake, Simonsson, Dunster or even Russell to be fair. We do not actually need him, if anything i would focus on someone like…"
2 hours ago
Michael Ericson replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
"Ah fucken awesome enjoy can't believe they are back lol "
2 hours ago
Mack replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
"I'll be watching TISM today at Good Things."
2 hours ago
BEM replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Christine McVie RIP
No offence to the recently departed but Fleetwood Mac are trash and one of the worst bands ever."
2 hours ago

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The Dawgs just signed Xerri.Mahoney Sutton Kikau Xerri Pele TPJ  who else am I missing?Brown courted by Dolphins for huge $$ , Moses the same by Dogs / TigersI hope we have one big sign announcement and no not just Kapow either.Guth - Sivo - Penisini - Simonsson - Russell/DunsterBrown - MosesHodg - Junior - RCG Lane - Brown - HopgoodMurchie - Ogden - Wiremu - Rein/HandsMatterson out Rnd 1 (counting his money)

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11 Replies · Reply by BEM 30 minutes ago
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Interesting times

NRL newcomers the Dolphins are growing increasingly confident in their chase for star Parramatta five-eighth Dylan Brown, potentially giving Wayne Bennett the dream halves partnership of the future.The talk is the Dolphins will go in excess of $1-million-a-season to tempt the Kiwi star away from Parramatta, which is way more than the Eels are prepared to pay to keep Brown.The other concern for the Eels is that potentially losing Mitchell Moses would also make it more temping for Brown to leave,…

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131 Replies · Reply by Coryn Hughes 19 minutes ago
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Socceroos Win !

Well done to Arnie and the boys magnificent 1 nil win against #10 ranked Denmark. They are through to the last 16 to either play, Poland, Argentina or Saudi Arabia The only other time we made the second stage was in the Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill, Mark Schwartzer days in 2006.Congrats.

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33 Replies · Reply by Mitchy yesterday
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'No way in the world Moses will be a Eel 2024'

 WESTS TIGERS SET TO LAUNCH MASSIVE BID FOR MITCH MOSESBY CHARLES GOODSIR The Wests Tigers have all but secured English international John Bateman for the 2023 season but SEN’s Michelle Bishop has revealed the deal has yet to be confirmed as the club believes it can also acquire Parramatta Eels halfback Mitchell Moses.Moses began his career at the Tigers in 2014 and after 67 matches with the club and subsequently moved to Parramatta midway through 2017 season. The 28-year-old is off contract…

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Bwahahaha Matterson

Matterson is now asking the nrl to overturn his initial plan to take the 3 game suspension and now wants to pay the 4k fine in order to play Round 1.   After initial saying he had to take a stand against these large fines, Matterson is now saying he didn't have  enough time to make up his mind BWAWAWA 

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49 Replies · Reply by Blue Eel on Thursday
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Jokes Section - ADULTS ONLY

A man asks the aged Reverend what are the chances he’ll get to heaven when he dies, and the Reverend says that there is a good chance but first he’ll have to clean up his life, i.e. no smoking, no booze and certainly no he should controlhis apparent out of control sexual urge . So the man thought he’d at least give it a try and all went well for a few days, but then….. ‘T’raaaaan’…. there was his wife bent U shape right in the freezer, and he couldn’t help tearing off her bloomers and giving…

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2 Replies · Reply by Tad yesterday
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Following up on my discussion over favourite music artists, i want to know what concerts you have seen live and on top of that were there any acts in particular that were pretty average when you thought they would be amazing.Thankfully i haven't had that as all the artists i've seen live have been good at least. I have heard Axel Rose with Guns 'n' Roses is dreadful live though.

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9 Replies · Reply by LB Nov 24
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What are everyone's music tastes?

So i have been told, especially for my age, i have a very odd taste in music compared to my peers. I was brought up listening to who my mum and dad played in the car, usually with long car trips to the Gold Coast. They would play a mixture of everything from; The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Elvis, Meat Loaf, Paul McCartney & Wings, Cold Chisel etc. That is music today that i am drawn to. I do like some of today's music, like only about a month i…

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