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Let's see some change

Another roller coaster performance from Parramatta. The most consistently inconsistent team in the league. 

I know it will fall on deaf ears as the club have their head buried in the sand but the changes that need to occur right away:

1.brad Arthur mus

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1 Reply · Reply by Mr Realist 8 minutes ago
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Worth noting

It was this time last year our form slump hit.

Similar time in 2020

Only this time we don't have the ladder position to offer security if only we front loaded our efforts 

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2 Replies · Reply by LB 2 minutes ago
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Eels schizophrenia

Can someone tell me a more schizophrenic team in the history of sport? We win well, we lose miserably.  Nothing in between.  We look like a top 4 team one week, we play like a bottom 4 team another. We have to be the biggest mystery in world sport. 


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2 Replies · Reply by EelsAgeMe 14 minutes ago
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This team always lets us down

A big win over the roosters in a absolute A1 performance, week later another bullshit performance. Another game getting pumped by 30. Lol to everyone that thinks we're doing anything this year. Top 4 is gone and washed. Our clubs an absolute laughing

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1 Reply · Reply by EelsAgeMe 6 minutes ago
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How embarrsing

Honestly, we do we go from here? Another inconsistent, inept performance. A lot of them looked like they weren't interested in being out there tonight, such a lack of professionalism. With all the players leaving the club at the end of the season, th

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18 Replies · Reply by My Bob 2 seconds ago
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BA Milestone

tonight's effort leads to BA's 100th loss since taking over full-time in 2014. Averaging roughly 10-11 losses per year so far on that record.

his record now is 217 games, 113 wins, 104 losses, 52% win percentage.

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1 Reply · Reply by Mr Anguish 27 minutes ago
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God help this site

My lord, i am looking forward to seeing what is said tonight on here. Gonna be a long week of comments, compared to the last fortnight where it was practically quiet on the Western Front.

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7 Replies · Reply by Strange-eel 6 minutes ago
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Game Plan?

Anyone else feel we lack a gameplan at times. We are a top 4 side but at times seem do not to have a top 4 gameplan. Souths always run around the outside of us using their shape and alas they did it easily in the first 20 again. We tuck the ball unde

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1 Reply · Reply by Mr Realist 44 minutes ago
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Regardless of what happens this 2nd half.. the first half was yet another example of this side not looking prepared to play.

Limited intensity, Unorganised compressed defence (which Souths have easily gotten us with over and over for 5 years), attenti

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13 Replies · Reply by MontoEel 37 seconds ago
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Matt Moylan

Seeing he's off contract at season's end, anyone else reckon we should make a move as a replacement for Reed Mahoney?  Reported to be on around $350k so chances are we won't have to pay overs to secure him.

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8 Replies · Reply by Driza 2 hours ago
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My Bob replied to Anthony Murr's discussion How embarrsing
"Tony you are obviously a blow in casual with the footy IQ of a pot plant. "
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MontoEel replied to Snottie Pimpin's discussion BA
"Not even win Bingo"
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Frank The Tank replied to GRUNTA's discussion Game day blog - Rabbitohs vs Eels
"BA loves a short presser.
Never any hard questions. The guy can't wait to get out of there...."
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MontoEel replied to Snottie Pimpin's discussion BA
"Agree, Brad Arthur couldn't coach his way out of a 3 man tent. "
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