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What we need to do

What does eveyone think we need to do or buy to be a premiership threat? I think we need to move gutho to 5/8 where he pretty much plays in attack and we buy a gun fullback. I think athurs time is up after 8 years, I don't think brown is a 5/8 needs

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Dan Ginnane

For those who have fox, is it just me, but does this guy annoy you? He does me. 9 times out of 10 he calls tries before they are reviewed, and 9 times out of 10 he is wrong. lol

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Times up.

I haven't taken part in this blog for several years but thought it was time as an avid Eels supporter since 1979 to share my thoughts.

It has been 8 years this year since Mr Arthur has joined this great organisation and has provided the club with at b

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More stuff to read

Muttman replied to Chris Pix's discussion NRL matches cancelled
"Mate you're wrong. If we woke up tomorrow and we're 100% vaccinated we would have:
Negligible Hospitalisations. Nearly zero ICU cases. Nealry zero deaths. Dramatically reduced transmissions. Dramatically reduces serious illness. Zero lockdowns and…"
1 minute ago
Kramerica replied to Frankie Fong's discussion LOOK AT THIS AND GIVE YOU'RE GENUINE THOUGHTS
"It always makes me uncomfortable when I see creepy old priests talking about people touching each other.
I'll follow the science, not some god botherer."
1 minute ago
Offside replied to MontoEel's discussion Current Thoughts on Gutho as Captain
"Thats why I like co captains 1 back 1 forward.
I don't see a forward leader maybe Reed maybe RCG "
4 minutes ago
ParraPride replied to MontoEel's discussion Current Thoughts on Gutho as Captain
"BA needs to go, he's been here for almost a decade now and granted he's had a positive impact on getting the eels to being consistent and playing finals footy, we need a coach with the mentality and killer instinct to know when there are issues with…"
5 minutes ago