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Trial Switch may be permanent

Why Brad Arthur flicked switch on Mitchell Moses and Dylan Brown to spark Parramatta’s attack

Parramatta Eels coach Brad Arthur has flicked the switch in a huge tactical change he hopes will inspire his team’s attack.

Brad Arthur has revealed the reaso

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5 Replies · Reply by HKF 10 minutes ago
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Three Why's Eels

1. Why do we give our winger ball and they have 4 to beat and get smashed over the sideline. Both Fergo and Sivo are good finishers and score if given half a chance, they are just not given that chance. Why are we not creating more room for them. Bel

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34 Replies · Reply by Hunterhunter 33 minutes ago
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Dylan Brown

A lot of people believe that Dylan Brown is not very good and should not be a half and rather play at centre. I am personally a massive Dylan Brown fan and believe he will be a great half. I do agree that his trial peformance was not very good but I

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20 Replies · Reply by Coryn Hughes 5 hours ago
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Sam Hughes - what happened to him ?

Sam Hughes, one of the most athletically gifted props to come through our junior ranks, has been unsighted by all training reports either training or in rehabilitation. Sam is the only player along with M. Jennings that the Eels player profiles is us

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HKF replied to brissyeel's discussion Trial Switch may be permanent
"A couple of times both halves were on the same side in attacking situations. "
10 minutes ago
Hunterhunter replied to brissyeel's discussion Trial Switch may be permanent
"Forgive me if I've got this wrong but didn't Moses's run through the panthers defence happen on the right? Just a trial, lets not get excited or depressed, I've said it before give it a few rounds, at least we didn't get hammered or injured!"
15 minutes ago
RIDER replied to brissyeel's discussion Trial Switch may be permanent
"I know that you never show all your cards in a trial and obviously the positional changes will take a bit of time and the other thing that can't be ignored is Panthers are a very very good team.
the issues for me are we still appear to lack a real…"
18 minutes ago
Keith Lewis replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Relaxed Arthur blames fast pace for struggles in attack
"With B.A. we start and finish.  We started  to as a confident, capable team which has been grounded into to the dust without initiative and robot like machines repeat the same week in at out expect failures.  The same unchanged team  has proven…"
23 minutes ago