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What The F*** Sharks Get A Penalty At Halftime To Put Sharkies 2 Points Ahead Of The Tigers - The Penalty Was Absolute Bullshit

With the score locked in at 4 all and after battling defenders Nofuluma finaly is set free and just plays the ball correctly and he gets penalised .It doesn't matter wether the refs called or did not call for the play the ball. At worst, Sutton shoul

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19 Replies · Reply by JEELman Sep 9, 2019

We Need More Forward Thrust To Make Sure Moses And Brown Have Time And Space To Kick - Enter Utoikamanu And Kaufusi

Our bench needs to be revamped.

We need more thrust which our bench tonight was unable to deliver..... Gower, Terepo, Alvaro, & Taka, putting immense pressure on the kicking games of Moses and D Brown from the Broncos defenders rushing through.

This ha

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23 Replies · Reply by BENNY Aug 31, 2019
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Mack replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"Chuck if you don't understand the importance of having a player like Taka on the bench and more importantly why it's a bonus he only got a few minutes on the field at the end of the second half I suggest you stop following NRL."
3 minutes ago
Graham polkinghorne replied to GRUNTA BIGWAD - Soggy Salada's discussion Broncos vs Eels - footy returns.
" I wasn,t completely sold on Dylan Brown, though we paid way to much for him. Startin to swing the other way after last nights effort. Couple of good kicks, went to the line, and more involved. Well done DB.
I think i like him Poppa. LOL."
6 minutes ago
Gray Fox’s discussion was featured
Very good high intensity effort tonight for the competition restart. Considering the long layoff I thought our attack was better than expected, although we had all the field position it must said. The Broncos were also very meek in the second half a…
18 minutes ago
Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"He threw a nice pass from dummy half for our last try and I didn't even notice it was him until the replay."
18 minutes ago