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A message From The Eels Chairman - Max Donnelly, announced that all his proposed governance reforms have now been successfully passed following the support of over 90 per cent of PLC voters.

A message from the Eels Chairman

Mon 9 Dec 2019, 06:02 PM

Dear Members and Supporters,

Yesterday the Administrator of the Parramatta Leagues Club (PLC) Max Donnelly, announced that all his proposed governance reforms have

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Russell Crowe Must Have A Rich Vein Of Blackmail Material Over Greenturd And Co - The $1 million Sam Burgess Salary Cap Exemption Has Been Approved - FMD What About Eels Exemptions Since 2010?

Sam's retirement, Walker contract stand-off opens door for Souths to chase Latrell

Michael Chammas

Fri 6 Dec 2019, 06:01 PM
Michael Chammas

The $1 million Sam Burgess salary cap exemption has opened the door for South Sydney to launch the club's biggest recruitment ra

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Dylan Brown Tickled Pink To Remain In Blue & Gold - Brown Humbled By Support After Re-Signing With Eels

Life has changed dramatically in the past 12 m

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Daniel Alvaro Metric. Alvaro Has Three Of The Top Four Seasons For Involvement Rate (2017, 2018 And 2016 respectively), With Two Of Them Above 25%.

"You could really rename Involvement Rate as the Daniel Alvaro metric. The Eels forward has three of the top four seasons for involvement rate (2017, 2018 and 2016 respectively), with two of them above 25%. In plain terms, Alvaro either making a run

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Manase Fainu Charged After Knife Attack - Charged With Allegedly Stabbing A Man At A Church Dance



Manase Fainu charged after knife attack

Dan Walsh Reporter

Tue 29 Oct 2019, 12:58 PM

Dan Walsh

Manly's Manase Fainu has been charged with allegedly stabbing a man at a church dance in Sydney last Friday.

Fainu was charged on Tuesday after handing himself

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"two choices for length of "freedoms."  A short lockdown or a long ,long one. Take your choice"
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"I'm not assuming anything. But there is no other choice. "
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"I think mb the spaniel is reacting to mb coming to terms with the fact BA is not the coach to the promised land 
mb he feels quite compromised w loyalty and frustrated and this is coming out at times "
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"Sorry, but as much as I agree changes are needed, this would have to be one of the most stupid posts I have read on this site in well over ten years.  Wooden spoon, to consecutive finals appearances and a competitive team.  Get a grip.  What a…"
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