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Who is the worst ref in the NRL?

Grant Atkins - We saw his atrocious performance on Thursday night. I didn't think he could top that but then I watched Manly vs Newcastle (with Atkins in the bunker). He just overturned a completely legitimate try to Newcastle that was already awarde

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I am all for the NRL doing what they can to protect players from concussion given the recent studies into the subject.  However, the NRLs own rule changes have actually contributed to this issue.  The NRL made these rule changes with the clear intent

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The Eels team that should be.

Ok, so I have been thinking of the current team and the selection and the BA influence that drives us nuts, I for one would like everyone's top 17 from the 1st 13 to the bench, rotation and minutes.

My 2 cents worth ...

Waqa out completely replaced b

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Rolling mauls

Is there are specific rule against rolling mauls? At the 5:14 min mark the roosters prevent a dominate tackle by assisting their player and preventing parra dominance in the tackle at that point. It gave them the opportunity to push up and take advan

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Facts and Questions


  • Simonson suspension may be the best things for the eels from the game. Hopefully this mean no more him on the wing for the rest of the year. Backing Dunster to stay there
  • Sivo was shit but still needs to say
  • BA will be BA and not drop Blake.
  • again

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1. Gutherson

2. Penisini

3. Dylan Brown

4. Mitchell Moses

5. Brendan Hands

6. RCG

7. Paulo

8. Matterson

9. Lane

10. Hopgood


Everyone else that's not been mentioned can get the hell out!!

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Tough times dont last

I am as disappointed as the next guy about our position, 1-4. We all know that with a bit of luck and the footy gods favouring us, we could easily be 4-5.  Not to be.

From the safety of my armchair, I can see the ongoing problems as clear as day. But

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Will Wests let Ofahengaue go?

I know he ain't a super star but get him going and motivated he can be a decent Prop, he is an Origin quality Prop. We are not getting what we need out of from our bench rotation. Greig was fine i guess but is nothing more than a 20min player off the

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BEM replied to Muttman's discussion Who is the worst ref in the NRL?
"It's very close between Atkins and Klein but I would have to give it to Atkins.
The award for most incompetent touchie goes to Badger."
12 minutes ago
Slugg replied to Muttman's discussion Who is the worst ref in the NRL?
"The one we have next week "
14 minutes ago
Seth hardy replied to Poppa's discussion Where is our talent coming from
"Wiz, I know I'm an antique but what the fuck is a non binary homo. Are there women involved in this caper. "
19 minutes ago
Wizards Sleeve replied to Muttman's discussion Who is the worst ref in the NRL?
"Even the two quick try's at the end of a game to shorten up the margins when said team didn't look like busting a line all game as an example. We've all been out and witnessed the hangers ona's around the players. Crime families we usually see on…"
28 minutes ago