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Gut Feeling Prediction

I know that there are many disappointed Eels fans at the moment and I certainly don't want to add to the misery or dejection but what is your current gut feeling as to what will unfold this year in terms of possible changes:

1) The current coach will

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83 Replies · Reply by MontoEel 3 minutes ago
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Stick a fork in us

Another season and it's that same sinking feeling. That feeling of disappointment that once again another year has slipped by and the premiership drought continues on its slow march towards its 40 year anniversary.

Tonight the Eels went into the clas

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112 Replies · Reply by MontoEel 5 minutes ago
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What we need to do

What does eveyone think we need to do or buy to be a premiership threat? I think we need to move gutho to 5/8 where he pretty much plays in attack and we buy a gun fullback. I think athurs time is up after 8 years, I don't think brown is a 5/8 needs

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Dan Ginnane

For those who have fox, is it just me, but does this guy annoy you? He does me. 9 times out of 10 he calls tries before they are reviewed, and 9 times out of 10 he is wrong. lol

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17 Replies · Reply by Mick 8 hours ago
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Times up.

I haven't taken part in this blog for several years but thought it was time as an avid Eels supporter since 1979 to share my thoughts.

It has been 8 years this year since Mr Arthur has joined this great organisation and has provided the club with at b

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7 Replies · Reply by Wizards" Supermax” Sleeve 18 hours ago
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MontoEel replied to MontoEel's discussion Gut Feeling Prediction
"True! What about a 180?"
3 minutes ago
MontoEel replied to SuperEel 22's discussion Stick a fork in us
"Well said Super and I totally 100% agree with what you've shared."
5 minutes ago
Kenny Power replied to Frankie Fong's discussion WHO ARE ARE THE BIGGEST DOPES IN THE NRL MEDIA
"You pretty much nailed it - the thread should have been more like - who is actually good .
I do say I prefer read than most journos he tries not to be as sensationalist .
''channel 9 is just horrendous - haven't watched them in years except the…"
9 minutes ago
Trent replied to Chris Pix's discussion NRL matches cancelled
"3 games tomorrow 2 monday"
11 minutes ago