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Wenty Is Producing NRL Stellar Performances From Taka, Moeroa, Evans, Gower, Salmon, Hoffman, Jennings And Terepo. Now For Mannah The Brute

Brad Arthur, for the rest of this season please send Gutho, Sivo, Fergo, Paulo, Mau, Lane, Nathan Brown, Dylan Brown and Mahoney to Wenty so they can work on their games too. If you do that we will win this years premiership. Based on tonights…

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4 Replies · Reply by Alfred Mateo Jun 30

Reality Tells Us That Des Hasler Is The 2019 Coach's Bench Mark - Brad Arthur Is Failing To Get His Squad Up For Every Game

Des Hasler takes on fledgling Manly as their 2019 coach and with so many no names on his books, Des has shown that he can get his boys up for more than 90% of all games played thus far in this 2019 season, while Brad Arthur has not been able to…

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8 Replies · Reply by Keith Lewis May 21
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