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Eyes up!


I noticed some rumblings and thought we could carve out a little room to consider our options if MM moves on.

Just before we go any further, my best case scenario would be resigning a committed MM to a long term deal.

Reminder: As always we ar

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24 Replies · Reply by Blue Eel Jan 5
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Bye Guys

Hey All,

I know its not the approprite place to post and I am not a big contributor but would just like to say thank you for having me in this group. I have issues and its getting worse with the family. I am so close to saying enough. I am done. So th

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106 Replies · Reply by Tad Jan 10
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New Year's Resolution

Now that 2023 is just a breath away what are your top 3 New Year's resolutions that you really intend to keep? Mine are:

1) Stop getting angry and irritated over stupid things even the Eels bench selection.

2) Try to be courteous and kind to everyone e

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19 Replies · Reply by Tad Dec 31, 2022
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6 man bench

Now I've gone on about a six man bench before with the amount of concussions in the game now and only getting worse.

my thoughts on on concussion is that if a a player is concussed they should sit the rest of the game out.

With the extra men or women o

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5 Replies · Reply by Mick Dec 25, 2022
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More stuff to read

iamnot replied to MontoEel's discussion Reed Mahoney's Doubts about Bulldogs
"At least we've only got Hodgson on what is effectively a 1 year deal, with the second year being a club option. The Dogs have locked Mahoney in for 4 years. "
1 minute ago
Electric Eel 2 replied to MontoEel's discussion Reed Mahoney's Doubts about Bulldogs
"Or Hands.  Is he progressing aswell as they claimed?"
2 minutes ago
Tad replied to Eel Nut's discussion Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra
"I don't consider I am a do gooder Pops.( Still trying to find out who I am) Is trying to being good something to be frowned upon?
I think penalties should be uniform for everyone rich or poor. I would however make allowances on some mitigating…"
2 minutes ago
Parra fan on The Hill replied to MontoEel's discussion Reed Mahoney's Doubts about Bulldogs
4 minutes ago