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I've noticed how Sivo's NRL aerobic fitness has improved immensely during this season and with another intense off season he is the one capable of playing fullback - great catching skills, passing skills, awesome defence, excellent anticipation, stays calm, lots of composure, lots of passion, energy and drive, talking on the field is on the increase, English improving, speed on the increase, great team player and not a one man showboat, awesome timing, etc, etc. He reminds me of a modern day Graham Eadie and Eric Grothe Snr. 

There is a real ball player in Sivo's game. 

Kicking is the only area to be looked at but we do have four kickers in Moses, Dbrown, Mahoney & Gutho. And apparently Waka Blake can kick well too, both short and long. 

Move Gutho to center as it is his best position. 

1. Sivo

2. Semi

3. Gutho

4. Blake

5. Fergo

6. DBrown

7. Moses

This backline may one day surpass Sterling, Kenny, Ella, Cronin, Grothe, Hunt, Taylor. 

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  • Semi will want close to a million and we already have a fair bit tied up in our backline, with the back like we have for at least the next 2 years I think we need to invest the majority of our money in upgrades and bolstering our forward pack 

    • Part of our thrusting forward pack coming out of our red zone is already in Sivo, Fergo and Semi, come Gutho and Waqa. We already have Paulo and Evans and juniors Utoikamanu and Kaufusi coming through.

      It's best we spend what it takes, within reason, to get Semi back even if we have to pay him $700k + $300 on TPA\s or whatever and spend another $1.5 to $1.6mill on two more big mobile forwards and another $1.2mil on two more powerful back-rowers with the 80 minute stamina who can tackle and another hooker, say Isak Luke for one season on $350k or thereabouts.

      We also have a few quality back-rowers coming through from our juniors and Wenty.

      We just need a few great 80 minute defenders out of the above and we are serious premiership contenders.

      We have a huge amount of cap space available and I like the idea of Matt Prior for $350k over two seasons and JWH and RCG together on around $1.4mill or Jai Arrow with either JWH or RCG for $1.4 to $1.6mill.

      Rough Guess / stab in the dark

      Next years cap is $9.8mill if I remember correctly - can't be bothered looking it up

      Gutho $650

      Sivo $350

      Fergo $500

      Blake $350 (Penrith covering the rest)

      Jennings $350

      DBrown $500

      Moses $750

      Total $3.45 mil


      Paulo $750

      Evans $400

      Nbrown $600

      Lane $380

      Mahoney $300

      Total $2.43 mil

      Total $3.45 + 2.43 = $5.88mil

      Leaving us around 3.92mill

      Top 30 Base Player Salary $110.00 (if I remember correctly) x 13 players $1.43mill

      From the above we now have 25 players and $2.49mill of the cap still to spend

      Give Semi $700 + TPA/s - he will get huge 3rd party deals

      That's now 26 players and $1.79mill still on the cap

      Player dispensation longest serving player is what another $300k off the cap???

      Still to spend on the cap $2.09mill and 4 more players to add to the top 30 and we then add another 3 development players before July 1st 2020 who are not on the cap (if I remember correctly)

      So how hard is it to get another 4 players example JWH & RCG (Penrith covering plenty) for around $1.3mill

      Leaving us $790k on the cap to spend for two more players, say Utoikamanu and Kaufusi on $200k each

      Leaving us $490k to give extra to any of the players above or buying Matt Prior.

      We can definitely accommodate semi and smart business sense to assist managers pull off at least 1mill in TPA\s.

  • Sivo is a power player, i highly doubt he would have the endurance to play fullback, for a start he would have to lose most of his muscle mass, you would be taking away his biggest asset.

  • I don't think Sivo can be an effective fullback from the sence that you need a highly intelligent player there. Sivo has only been playing league for 2-3 years. Gutho has been playing all his life. Gutho's frame isn't big enough to constanly be in the front line of defence. Mopping up is much better suited to him.

  • LOL Casper you maniac.


    Clueless totally clueless.

  • Obviously coming on blue meanie and gold top time up where chocky is, just done over do it Chocy.

    • 3520458010?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Our game plans will be different allowing the space and time for Sivo to grow into this fullback role. Surrounded and supported by Fergo, Semi, Gutho and Blake we play a more power punching game - not the Tedesco style of game and have players running with our power punches up the middle and edges and offloding at or through the line. 

    Because of the size, power and stamina of our back 5, and with the ongoing big body onslaught we will create staggered defensive lines and from there more opportunities to offliad to  our halves, backrowers, etc, than going down the Tedesco, Slater, Turbo, etc, ball playing path. 

    Just a different game plan, one that will definately work using our dominant strengths. 

    Though Gutho tries to play this Tedesco style of game he will never be anywhere as good as Tedesco, Turbo, etc. But Sivo with our power punching game plan WILL WORK and will open up the field for either expansive across the field or up the middle or edges attacking formations with numerous lines running against staggered retreating defensive lines,

    Its just like having 3 Eric Grothe juniors and Blake and Gutho coming at the defence set after set. And then there are Evans, Paulo, Utoikamanu, Kaufusi, Lane, NBrown, Marata, coming at the defensive line as well. 

    • It's a very simple game plan and defences will give away penalties if they try to slow down the ruck/play the ball to cope with what our persistent power punches will be throwing at them.

      Game plans to implement the shutting down of big fast bodies coming at the opposition over 80 minutes is so much more challenging (bar injuries) to implement and succeed than trying to shut down Manly, Storm, Roosters, Sharks, etc, with their ball players and hole runners next season.

      • Interesting proposition CF Sivo is someone that has grown quickly. What do we have to lose? He may have the footy IQ and anticipation with timing crucial for a good fullback Good coaching staff should always be open to trying new things and testing different players abilities in other roles--You never know what surprises are out there. I would like to give him some freedom with a roaming type role similar to what Fergo has and Semi used to do. Sivo has alot of different skills maybe not fully tested and given the opportunity to trial them he could be a bigger strike weapon

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