• The US case was civil and has no implications whatsoever on his record and certainly no effect on his latest charges.

    I imagine it is a huge weight off his mind notwithstanding with the subsequent case to come.

    I am looking for Hayne to be acquitted and suing the arse off the NRL for not allowing him back into the game if proven innocent, same for De Bellin.....justice has been done no service in this situation.

    All the NRL needed to say to everyone is he innocent until proven guilty and a player should not be denied his living because of an unproven charge. It is not the NRL role to prempt the justice system. The rules they establised to transition these cases are just pure political correctness and nothing more. If you were a police officer and had these charges, you would be suspended with pay! If the courts thought they were dangerous they would not have allowed bail!

    I will go a step further and say the justice system itself is to blame as well, why could not these cases be heard within 6 months. The only reason is a backlog in the court system. If they didn't want the courts backlogged they should be more careful with handling the charges made. The amount of these crimes that never get to court or are thrown out are mind numbing......the prosecution will have a pretty good idea how good their cases are and so would the defence. If the defence doesn't think it could win, they would be doing deals!

    Both cases are he said/ she said.

    • Yeah of course, becasue innocent people are so often prepared to pay out big dollars to someone if there is no case.  It all depends how you chose to look at it, doesnt it Poppa.

      • EE would you trust the US legal system if you are a foreign footballer, been accused of rape back home. Bloody oath you would pay big dollars, his settlement was probably less than his legal bill being proven innocent would be.

      • In the civil case, a mediated pay out is probably the smart thing to do. It likely minimises the amount as well as avoiding a trial where the burden of proof is a lot lower than were it a criminal trial.

      • A lot of innocent people pay these civil suits in the states in fear of being found guilty and losing a huge amount.

        The court systems not always fair, they get it wrong all the time here and in the states.

        Theres no such thing as guaranteed justice.

        • Yes you are right, probably the smartest thing JH has done since he came back from the US.

      • ^^^^^ this.

        No direct link or anything to do with the current Newcastle Case at all Poppy.


    • Wouldn’t be so sure Haynes victim has pictures and went straight to hospital after the assault I do believe it’s a case of going a bit to far with consensual sex but still I heard she was left bleeding from her vagina where he bit and other marks 

      • That's not the point Bug, its not for us to make the judgement either, unless you are on the jury and know the complete story. i.e. she rang him 2 hours later and said, you "hurt me" Jarryd. What does that mean? wouldn't have a clue!

        They came together via a phone sex line..... she invited him to her house. He wasn't exactly stalking her or was she stalking him? I don't know that either, but the only people that do are the incumbents and the defence and prosecution, that's why we have a justice system!

    • Poppa, give it a rest, no one's going to be suing the NRL over their no-fault stand down policy given De Belin's case was thrown out by the Federal Court, giving the NRL the cover of a legal judgement and legal precedent they can stand behind.

      No one is denying JDB his living, he's being paid in full. BTW, Hayne has not been suspended by the NRL, he just hasn't been signed by a club. When he was arrested and charged he was not employed by the NRL.

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