Sorry Slugg , this isn’t what you’re after in regards to fun threads . But I am planning on posting a live link of me watching YouPorn whilst smashing a bag of coke and getting sucked off by two clowns later tonight . 


Till then , who’s got some Podcast recommendations?  I’m totally hooked on listening to Aussie True crime and murders podcasts at night when I’m gong to sleep . . yes I know , everyone I’ve told thinks I’m a fucking weirdo bingeing on the countries most sadistic murders whilst going off into a slumber , but it is what it is . 


I’ve been listening to the usual suspects ( so to speak ) that everyone seems to know of , but is anyone else into these and have a favourite ? If not true crime do you low life’s have any others that are entertaining? 

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  • I watch the crime channel a lot. I love a good serial killer.  I especially like “Nightmare Neighbours Next Door” I want to be one. 

  • Nightmare of course anyone can be a victim no fun in that. 

  •  Are the two clowns Ben Cumm ins and Gerard Suck on?

  • Try sword and scale mate. Awesome and confronting. Hosted by Mike Boudet who’s a little controversial however very articulate.

    • I’ll have a Squizzy . I’m on Lost in Larramah at the moment and it’s pretty good . Very very Aussie. 

  • I don’t mind The Adam Carolla Show. He produces a heap of content

  • Joe Rogan Experience isnt bad or Legion Of Skanks if you're up for some light hearted humor

    • King And The Sting ain't bad either

  • TFATK - Brian Callan and Brendan Schwab. Funny as.

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