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The Hapless Eels strike again!

Well what a dismal performance by the Eels against a basic no name Dogs side. Eels again had opportunities to put the game away in the 2nd half but failed. Very disappointing result and the Eels defence again at times was questionable. Lets hope ther

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109 Replies · Reply by Slugg Feb 15

Peni or a Shilling?

This time last year,  Peni Terepo was involved in that airline scandal where he was intoxicated and offensive to an air hostess. He subsequently had to sit out the first few rounds of the comp.

I recall thinking that was a huge loss to our impact from

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10 Replies · Reply by Offside Feb 15

Hope Springs Eternal

It is not going to be a walk in the park for any side in the Nines. Any side can win it if things go their way. I think the Eels will have trouble against the Dogs in their first match. I hope, not but it has happened before. The Dogs took the Storm

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