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Off-contract: Bryce Cartwright, Ofahiki Ogden, Samuel Loizou, Waqa Blake, Wiremu Greig.

The Eels are expected to lock down Cartwright and Greig to multi-year contracts. Blake and Loizou won’t be at the club next year. Blake is looking for a shot in the Super League. The club has not taken up the option on Ofahiki Ogden for next season.

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  •  Ogden is interesting. Thought they'd keep him for next season at least. Must be promoting the young guys as our back ups.

    • It was between him and Grieg and the latter had more impact.

      I think with the Tuilagi signing there looking at adding some more size and youth to the pack.

    • Shame but not surprising. They've already got enough middle forwards in Paulo, RCG, Offa, Greig and Makatoa. Personally I'd prefer Ogden over Makatoa but I guess Makatoa is already signed and on the payroll, so harder to get rid of. 

  • Ogden didn't really get much chance to play. He's behind Makatoa. It's not all that surprising honestly, which is a shame. Happy to hear about Greig, less so about Cartwright. But it's good to have options.

    • If your behind Makatoa that tells you enough 

      • Yeah. I don't dislike ogden either. He reminds me a bit of that Broncos player from a few years ago. George Fai?


  • 12227551669?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • I mean fair, we don't need any middles but we need backs more lol.

    • Eels make 'MAJOR MOVE'


      I'd like to see their definition of a small move.

  • Looks like all power has been taken away of the bush coach with all his bullshit back up forwards going out the door, davey murchie,  Ogden Hodgson.   Brad is next to go

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