Anyone else hearing the rumour that Wayne Bennett is open for the idea to coach the Eels in 2025???? 
heard it on Rush Hour on triple M. 

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  • I highly doubt the club and Bennett are thinking that far ahead. Only way i could believe it is the club put out a "If things go pear shaped would you consider it?"

    But Bennett has said numerous times he wants to stay in Brisbane, that is his home. Though he also wants to keep coaching, unless the 18th or 19th team is going to be a Brisbane team. Or even better chance the NRL push for him to bring in the new 18th team, which will be a PNG team based in Ipswich.

    Plus, there seems issues with BA and O'Neill in agreeance on players, committee also, how will the Committee do with Bennett???

    • I don't think BA and O'Neill see eye to eye .  

      • O'Neill is a cancer to this club

      • Been going on for years and still nothing has been done about it. Is Sarantinos the person who should have fixed this shite up?

  • It wasnt a rumour. It was a hypothetical.

  • He will be in a nursing home in 2025 (just jokes),  besides people of his calibre steer well clear of parramatta.

    • Won't be long and you will be in a nursing home, probably handing out speeding tickets for wheel chair racing in the corridors.

      We know you don't get your kicks in normal ways gambling, no drinking, hates his football team, enjoys handing out punishment, if they bring in euthanasia they will probably give you the executioners job! must be a miserable bastard to hang around with?......don't worry if I'm in that nursing home I will have my eye on you LOL

      • Here he is, 1Eyedeel's resident retirement planner. You weren't here yesterday, I thought you'd croaked it. 

        • Yes sorry Ads, it wasn't yesterday but never know?

          That said it was a pretty pathetic post on my part and I apologise for it, I was hoping you didn't read it and I would have deleted it this morning. Cant do that now as it would be even poorer of me.

          Your win on this one, lets hope I can do better next time! lol

          • Pop have you had an epiphany? I had to google how to spell that word.

This reply was deleted.

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