• I should sign up my pet rabbit to be an eels supporter, just so we hit the front. Oh the irony...

    • lol 

    • Is your pet rabbit called Vinny Meelk? 

      • No, thats the name of my pet goose.

        • I have a pet snake called Imadumbkunt.

          • This one's for you mate :)

            I know you like Fenders. I know you like Gibsons. I know you like Orange amps. And I know I like Laura Cox.


            • That's not a Gibson LP, it's a knock off

              • Really? Is it a Bacchus? That must be why it has Bacchus written on the head.

                You know Brett, sometimes you can be a bit painfull. A Baccus Les Paul Custom is a pretty good guitar and has a pleasing sound and look for those us us that like the GLP. If you like a GLP, why wouldn't you appreciate a BLP?

                Many a great muso has a Bacchus in their rack.

        • Lol

  • I thought they were 1st outright . 30 k members is a great effort .

This reply was deleted.

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