Netflix Shows for New Years

I thought I'd throw it out there to see what people have been watching over the Christmas and New Years period. A bunch of new shows and movies were added to Netflix and I've been working my through a good number of them during the break. Here are some of my recommendations. What would be your suggestions? Warning there may be some spoilers.

1. Legend - Tom Hardy stars in this biopic as both Kray twins who ruled the London underworld in the 1960s. Full of drugs, violence and gambling it's an entertaining, albeit a little drawn out movie. Tom Hardy is bloody brilliant in his dual roles.

2. Vikings - Season 5 of the Norse raiders was added in December and they continue along their pillaging, exploring and murdering ways, though this time there's no Ragnar Lothbrok. 

3. Peaky Blinders - Season 4 was added in December and this time we see the Shelby brothers head to war with the New York mafia. Probably the most violent and death-filled of the seasons so far, with Tommy at his plotting best.

4. Sunderland Til I Die - Bit of a break from the murdering and violent shows I've already mentioned, this documentary follows English football side, Sunderland AFC through the 2017/18 season. It features footage with the players, coaches, management and supporters. Netflix originally intended to follow Sunderland's journey afer being relegated from the Premier League (Top tier) to the Championship (Second tier) and their attempt to rejoin the PL but by season's end the wheels have well and truly fallen off as they're relegated to League One (Third tier). Bit of a sobering look for Eels fans given it's where we'd be if the NRL had relegation/promotion.

5. Springsteen on Broadway - This is for the music fans. Bruce Springsteen has performed his one man show on Broadway for the past 12 months, spending 2.5 hours a night regaling audiences with the tale of his ascension from New Jersey nobody to Mr Born to Run. He talks about more than just his career but also about family, love, marriage and fatherhood. For Springsteen fans such as myself who couldn't afford a flight to New York to watch his show, this is a must watch.

6. Creed II - Okay, this ain't exactly Netflix territory but if you happen to still have it in a cinema near you then I highly suggest grabbing a ticket to the latest instalment of the Rocky saga. For a Rocky/Creed film, this really doesn't put boxing at its epicentre. Instead it's more of an exploration of fatherhood, family and legacy. It's also highly likely the last time we'll see Stallone in the role of Rocky Balboa. He plays a more minor role in this film with Michael B. Jordan's, Adonis Creed really taking centre stage. That being said, it has plenty of throwbacks to the original Rocky films given the re-appearance of one Ivan Drago.


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  • Saw the latest installment of the Tom Cruise mission impossible series and it's an absolute must see movie. Not a fan of his previous mi movies but this latest was a pleasant surprise.

    Netflix for mine doesn't update regularly enough. Still weighing up whether to keep it,  but there's still enough content to keep interested. NFL docos, storm chasers, music docs ect  not a huge fan of Netflix originals

  • Also thought Legend was a cracker..

    The Revenant

    Glitch series 2 is out, havent got into it but enjoyed series 1. Nice to see an Aussie show on Netflix for a change

  • The Last kingdom,Ozark and Daredevil are the last 3 shows i've binged on Netflix.

  • Vikings is just about my all time favourite show. Don't know how you could possibly wait for it to be appear on Netlfix.

    I miss binging on television.

    I start watching Shameless. I think there are about six seasons, so I'll likely finish it in 2030.

    • I watch so many different series that I can binge through a bunch of different shows while Vikings comes back. Although SBS has the latest season online.

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Mack replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"Chuck if you don't understand the importance of having a player like Taka on the bench and more importantly why it's a bonus he only got a few minutes on the field at the end of the second half I suggest you stop following NRL."
3 minutes ago
Graham polkinghorne replied to GRUNTA BIGWAD - Soggy Salada's discussion Broncos vs Eels - footy returns.
" I wasn,t completely sold on Dylan Brown, though we paid way to much for him. Startin to swing the other way after last nights effort. Couple of good kicks, went to the line, and more involved. Well done DB.
I think i like him Poppa. LOL."
6 minutes ago
Gray Fox’s discussion was featured
Very good high intensity effort tonight for the competition restart. Considering the long layoff I thought our attack was better than expected, although we had all the field position it must said. The Broncos were also very meek in the second half a…
17 minutes ago
Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"He threw a nice pass from dummy half for our last try and I didn't even notice it was him until the replay."
18 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"Agree Poppa 
His passing has really improved"
47 minutes ago
Parra fan on The Hill replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"Taka was brilliant last year after he came back from reserve grade. Played his better ever footy.
I agree with Stone. He's got mongrel and I love it. He's like that annoying younger cousin who's constantly on your back and won't f*ck off.
48 minutes ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"Peni has not dropped the ball more than anyone else. You can't wait all year for someone to drop a ball and then when they do it once sa see I told you. If you really think that then back up your mouth by keeping tally of Peni's drops and the other…"
48 minutes ago
Parra fan on The Hill replied to Mick's discussion Hey Super, the 1 ref and 6 to go call doesn't seem like a gimmick now
"It doesnt really matter if the opposition is back 10 or 8 metres. The game will be so swift from now on.
Fans wanted to see continuous action and that's what we were given last night. Trainers with radio's telling the halves what to play has gone ou…"
50 minutes ago
DDay replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"Stone is a goer, adds balance to the bench and has impact when he arrives on the field - can't say the same for Taka."
53 minutes ago
Parra fan on The Hill replied to Gray Fox's discussion Eels vs Broncos 3, 2, 1
"5) Both brilliant ball playing forwards. Sweet hands.
57 minutes ago
DDay replied to Mick's discussion Hey Super, the 1 ref and 6 to go call doesn't seem like a gimmick now
"Spot on Brett, the players decided the game and the refereeing was secondary. For too long there's been whinging about the refs and last night showed what Rugby League looks like when they take a back seat.  It was high tempo football almost like St…"
58 minutes ago
Brett Allen replied to Gray Fox's discussion Eels vs Broncos 3, 2, 1
"Just some thoughts from the game
1) I loved the control & patience in Mitch's game. If this continues, the NSW #7 jersey will be his for a decade.
2) I loved seeing Dylan Brown taking on the line and using his footwork. I actually think 5/8 is his s…"
1 hour ago
Poppa replied to Marty's discussion Peni
"His role was there for a back/s injury....Chuck..... I'm sure his cameo was a token run and no need to malign him in the circumstances.
On the other hand I was very happy with Ray Stone's performane from dummy half in the last 15 minutes or so, not…"
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Mick's discussion Hey Super, the 1 ref and 6 to go call doesn't seem like a gimmick now
"It'll suck no doubt, but we won't be able to complain that we wuz robbed. Even the Broncos couldn't claim that last night. The bottom line is that the players are deciding the game, not the ref. The ref is just there to ensure a fair game now, not t…"
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Mick's discussion Hey Super, the 1 ref and 6 to go call doesn't seem like a gimmick now
"That's it exactly. When the Broncos started to get fatigued it snowballed for them, they dropped balls, got sloppy in defence, gave up more offloads, which in turn fatigued them more, and I actually think the Broncos were pretty good last night for…"
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Mick's discussion Hey Super, the 1 ref and 6 to go call doesn't seem like a gimmick now
"Yeah absolutely. There is a massive difference between defending 5 sets of 6 in a row with breathers in between to having to defend 30 tackles end on end without a breather.
Let's see the Roosters defend their line as well now ???"
1 hour ago



Did Peni just play Kaufusi into first gradeI truely love to see Peni charge onto one but I shudder as he goes to catch it. That drop tonite in front of the posts was typical, all heart.but jeez brus had one job!Kaufusi to get match time I…

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