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Our Juniors and an early comparison to the unquestioned top of the line rivals. I will be interested to read the responses given that I suspect not many know much about our juniors

I have cut and and pasted the relevant sections from The Cumberland Throws report on these trials as I believe we have a lot of nisnomers about our juniors and there current levels. Tarsha Gale is the womens u/19's, Harrold Matts u/17's and SG Ball u

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78 Replies · Reply by Frank The Tank Jan 27
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Round 1 Centre options

With Waqa Blake breaking his arm, he is racing the clock for Round 1. Simonsson also is in doubt and Dunster is not going to be rushed and will be eased back in via NSW cup.

So Gutherson, Sivo and Penisini are 1, 2 & 3 respectfully. Russell looks to b

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33 Replies · Reply by Jack Eelson Jan 26
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CEO resigns

Some spanner rang up "Talkin Sports" this arvo and said that the  Parramatta CEO has quit??? Papworth and Robbo were on and they never asked any questions about this rumour.

Has anyone else heard this???

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5 Replies · Reply by John Eel Jan 20
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CBA, could there be a strike?

What is everyone's thoughts on the current back and forth between RLPA and the NRL? It is slowly becoming similar to the Super League War of taking sides. Legends and broadcasters coming out in defence to the NRL and players, of course, coming out in

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9 Replies · Reply by Offside Jan 21
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1 eyed eel hotties

Let's find out who has the hottest ad's in the latest round of 1ee's hook up advertisements.

They say the quality of your ads reflect your recent search historical data. 

My misses actually thinks I'm on some porn site half the time.


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9 Replies · Reply by Cʜɪᴇғ Jan 19
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2023 Rookies

So last year i did a similar type of blog predicting how our rookies in 2022 would fare, to very bad results as nobody debuted haha. This year i am taking more of a cautious approach in terms of saying who will debut instead just talking about who is

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30 Replies · Reply by LB Jan 20
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More stuff to read

Poppa replied to MontoEel's discussion Reed Mahoney's Doubts about Bulldogs
"I can see where you are coming from Wiz and don't disagree (not that I mind losing Reed).
Couple of things ....Reed is a hog, always has been, single handedly lost us a u /21 Grand Final. His obvious overcalling of Moses is another issue.
14 seconds ago
Poppa replied to Eel Nut's discussion Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra
"LOL Bert,  you don't know me very well....Tech Savy? I remember Phil Sim adjusting the print on a post I made because it was so small, I had no idea how I did it.
I think I have made it clear that the nursing home is imaginery, so not sure where you…"
21 minutes ago
Wizards Sleeve replied to MontoEel's discussion Reed Mahoney's Doubts about Bulldogs
"I knew from reading on here that his oldies are devoted Eels fans. Makes you wonder what exactly has happened behind the scenes with this move, hey.  You wouldn't think an extra 50k per year would be enough to entice a player who was brought up…"
26 minutes ago
Frank The Tank replied to Phil Gould's discussion Will Benji succeed into a good coach?
"No chance"
38 minutes ago