Shut the F**k-up!!!

Why are we seeing eels players constantly quoted in the media about the season ahead? 

I realise that anything about Parramatta sells papers and subscriptions but this team won the wooden spoon last year and players really should be embrassed to even show their faces in public. We don't hear a beep out of most clubs, yet our players seem to be happy talking to the media about a number things related to the season ahead. I understand they are put forward by managent to talk it up, attract new members and build-up a bit of hype around a team that came motherless last. Yet we constantly see qotes or interviews with players almost daily - how about shuting the f**k-up and adopting a siege mentality. They know a lot of league pandits expect them to fail yet again, so why not do the talking on the field and prove people wrong that way.    

The season hasn't even started and if you believe what you read or hear from the players, you'd think we will finish ahead of most teams.

“Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watched. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest… he strikes.” - Vice

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  • Yes i wish they do thete talking on the field Parramatta are all talk and no show we should change our name all talk and no show

    • Talkmatta

  • We are the biggest hot air blowers in the comp pre season, led by Timmy, every year its the same pathetic stuff.

  • I thought this off season the club did well avoiding any scandals and players have been behaved.  I know Hayne got in trouble but he technically wasn't playing for us anymore at the time of the incident.

    The trial loss against Mounties though brought a lot of negative publicity though, some fans and other supporters suggested that we were so bad in 2018 we would lose to reserve sides, this loss just added fuel to that claim.

  • we are in for a long season 

  • You sure mate? And I ask this genuinely. Could it be you see the Eels comments more because you follow them so look out for it?  I’ve seen plenty of fluff articles from lots of teams about how X or Y will be the difference for them this year. 

    • Spot on

    • Exactly, there stories on all teams but if your not interested you probably skim over it.  Live in Brisbane and you bombarded with bronco, cowboy stories and have search for parra stories.  

      The fact players are out talking and honoring media commitments is a good thing anyway to rebuild the brand and assist with sponsors etc after a poor year.  All clubs trying flood media with positive stories possibly by nrl directive to steer conversation away from drama.

      The alternative, our players ignore media, but they need story so write bunch of negative crap further damaging the eels brand.  As you said eels stories sell papers so better to get positive message out and work with media.  Even Adrian Prozsenko from herald writing positive articles so just enjoy the negative spotlight off the club.

      Next week another club will be under spotlight.  A few weeks ago it was Cronulla and couldn't avoid story on them and player comments about unity and support for new coach etc despite strong support for Flanno right till the end.  Also their excitement with Shaun Johnston despite being the 4th quality half at the club, all players happy for the competition despite young Flanagans path blocked and possibly Moylan back to fullback despite openly admitting he wants play in halves.

      • You raise some good points FM and  in Cronulla's case, they have earned the right to be in the news due to their success over the last few years and the controversies they have generated around the drug case and their cap misnamagement; but in relation to our team, to be quite honnest, I am sick and tired of reading stories about Moses, Brown, Moses & Brown, Jennings, Lane, Paulo, BA, French, Fergusson, etc... I can go on.

        I haven't seen too many stories out of Manly or Penrith for example. Siege mentality is what we need.

        My message to the players is: do your talking on the field. 

        • Mate I live in Brisbane, and even the season has barely started, not a single night goes by without some fluff piece about the Broncos pre season training, and yes, every Broncos player tells the journos that it's the toughest preseason ever. 

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