1. Blaize Talagi

2. Maika Sivo

3. Will Penisini

4. Sean Russell

5. Bailey Simmonson

6. Daejarn Asi

7. Dylan Brown (c)

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Joey Lussick

10. Junior Paulo (c)

11. Shaun Lane

12. Ryan Matterson

13. J'maine Hopgood



14. Bryce Cartwright

15. Makahesi Makatoa

16. Joe Ofahengaue

17. Kelma Tuilagi



18. Brendan Hands

19. Morgan Harper

20. Ethan Sanders

21. Wiremu Grieg

22. Luca Moretti


INs: None

OUTs: None


Referee: Chris Butler

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        • You mean the guy that couldn't handle the heat at his last port of call Chief 😂 

          As soon as someone with credentials comes along Barrett's going to get the boot also I have zero doubts about that.Barrett's only job now is to rally the troops the Eels aren't putting there flag in the ground with Barrett long term.

          • I'm not so much backing Barrett coryn,  I'm just saying that the players as a united group will come out and show that they want to win for themselves and the jersey,  and that was held back from them in recent times.  

            • That's going t9 be the challenge or will they capitulate like they have lately.First halves have been ok but that 2nd half starts have been dead set shockers I'm interested to see if Barrett has any effect with this.

              • Its got nothing to do with Barrett,  it's got everything to do with the players and the past coach.  The win will have nothing to do with Barrett.  These players are experienced enough to know how to win.

                • Shall we tell Barrett to have the game off Chief and just leave the players to it then.I mean 3 of the last 5 weeks the players have thrown in the  towel.

      • Yep, he did have a chance to stand up and put his own stamp on it but he also persisted  with the soft cock Lane. He can leave by the same exit Arthur did.  Clueless.

      • Put yourself in Barrett 's shoes, he wants to do well to increase his chances of one day getting a head coaching gig again.  Let's say he does what you suggest and makes sweeping changes from the get go, what happens if that doesn't work?, he has just dug himself a massive hole that would be impossible to climb out of. He can't go back to the players he dropped,  they will be unlikely to perform for him as they will feel like he hasn't given them a chance. 

        This is the way to go week one, it will separate those that are worth working with and those that are a lost cause.  You tell the guys in reserve grade to keep performing and they will get their chance.

        All in off the bat with sweeping changes would leave Barrett with nowhere to go if it fails. 

        • I get that strategy. What he's doing is playing it safe. I understand. But it's not as if Barrett wasn't in the dressing sheds or at training. He's seen what we've all seen. On the flip side imagine if he made changes and the side comes out and puts a cricket score on the rabbits. The message that sends to all players in the top 30. The message it sends to Management. 

          • What does a cricket score with the same players say mutts? Don't think about Barrett here, he'll have next to no influence on the result. 


            • South's will be beaming after the news Bennett's coming.I'm not surprised if we don't get a result here.

This reply was deleted.

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