Little if any chance

I have read/watched just about every news article, blog, and podcast and everyone is predicting a comfortable Panthers victory. Has anyone else noticed this?

Most would be worried by this but this is exactly what will suit the Eels as they are at their best with the "backs against the wall mentality".



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  • Very few people, especially in the media are giving us a chance.

    Most people think it's a forgone conclusion that Penref will won and win well.

    • The boys need to channel that and go out and smash the Panthers into submission.

      It's likely going to be a soggy track so not great for offloads and I think it will come down to who has the best defence (ie; smash them into submission) and doesn't give up. The boys need to have a seige mentality and tackle them into the ground. Give the Panthers no room to move and suffocate them with RIDICULOUS defensive pressure. I think that will be the key to their success.

      GO PARRA!!!

  • Totally agree Matt.  I live in the Penrith area and they are not considering losing. Very confident and somewhat arrogant. But they are built on this mentality of winning is expected as you see by the number of theirt junior teams that won their respective competitions.  That is ingrained in them through the successful pathways. Most of the current team as we know have played for many years in teams and winning was normal. 

    WE can certainly beat them. I loved the low key reactions after the final. Hardly over the top.  WE must start fast, lead and hold on.  Very doable. Our start is the critical thing. 

    • Life in Penrith as well Paul lot of my mates are panthers fans and there being really arrogant it'll be funny when they lose on Sunday 😂

    • Need to get to 16pts before Penrith, if they can do that we win.

  • It's a pretty logical assumption that the panthers win, they have been the best team for 3 years, their reserve grade side was good enough to beat a few first grade sides, this is their 3 rd grand final in a row, they know exactly what to expect and they are stacked with representative players.

    The eels are inexperienced past week 2 of the finals and are playing in their first grand final apart from matterson. 

    This is the perfect scenario for the eels, all the pressure is on Penrith,  don't buy into this 36 years of waiting pressure bullshit. It's the fans that carry the burden of a 36year drought,  not this group of players, this is their first attempt. 

    I tipped us to win the comp before the season started and I'm sticking to it, I lost confidence a few times during the season but never lost hope. We got this.

    • Bailey Simonsson played in a GF with the Raiders. 

      • Jr Pauo as well

        • What GF did Paulo play in Collaroy Eel?

          • Stand corrected .. thought he was with the Raiders the year they made the GF

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