Parra Leagues Club Elections (Not Football Club)


Roll up, roll up the Leagues Club elections are on again. It wasn't that long ago that these were a hotly contested, insanely political, circuses taking place every two years in the car park outside the Leagues Club. The media absolutely loved the chaos which brought out the worst in some members and often portrayed our club in a very poor light. There were headlines for weeks leading up to and post each election. Our poor off field structure was mostly reflected in our on-field performances. Thankfully those days are well and truly behind us.
Thanks to a hard fought change of our constitution by members, elections to the PLC board are far more orderly. Voting is now available on-line meaning we have a much larger pool of voters to express the will of the members. As is the case in this election, the Directors are also elected in a rolling format meaning most years only 2 Director positions are put up for election rather than changing the entire Board at each election. 
I've attached the Candidate profiles / statements FYI.
It should be noted that one member has demanded the names and contact details of the entire Leagues Club membership. I'll leave you to figure out who that may be. 

Who am I voting for? I'm voting for the incumbents Greg Monaghan and Sue Coleman. I most definitely won't be voting for any former Directors and I strongly urge members to do likewise.
Please vote!
You should have received an email from the club with a link to vote, if not check your junk mail or contact the club.

Let's keep moving forward as a club. Let's not take the club backwards.

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  • Mutts surprised you wouldn't be voting for old boy Roy.

  • Maybe that particular member should familarise themselves with the privacy act and stop living in the corupt past.

    Having said that, I have no idea who you're talking about LOL  

    • That member can lawfully access that data, but must return/delete it when the elections have concluded. So I will be keeping an eye on my email inbox to see if I am receiving anything from that particular member.

  • If it smells like smoke, you can count on it being a fire.

    I hope all members remember to not play with fire.

    Things get burnt down when you do.

    I'm off to have dinner - The wife has cooked Spag bowl i think.

  • Spags for me. We are too conservative and need balance. He can be controlled within current board and we all know he wants the team to succeed first. Sick and tired of just balancing the books for no titles

    • This is Leagues Club, not Football Club

      • Maybe you should stress this again at the Blog Title Mutts.....dangerous thinking from someone like "Titan" can fcuk everything up. I am pretty sure a lot of members are not aware of the fact that there are two boards.....Leagues and Football. Your title says clearly Leagues Club Board but maybe it should be qualified as not to be confused with the Football Club Board.

        We should also be aware of any "influencers" that suddenly appear on this site.

        • Good thing we've got you on the case old boy, nothing gets past you. I will be alert but not alarmed. What should we do in the event of identifying said "influencer"? Hang them I say.

          • The word I used Adam was "aware" that said what's this business about "old boy" .....that's very hurtful you know Adam....when you get old just remember how disrespectful you were to your elders, even the simple ones like me.

            PS once upon a time I thought everyone was "on the case" then I realised that this site is full of follower's, not many leaders......well, some one had to say it!...... don't worry Adam, I can take you to Hell, getting you back is something else.

This reply was deleted.

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