Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra


I tried copying the link to a Fox Sports article that has Latrell Mitchell charged with affray and resist arrest in Canberra and Jack Wighton with affray after a night of boozing to celebrate Wighton 30th.  This happened last night.

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        • I don't consider I am a do gooder Pops.( Still trying to find out who I am) Is trying to being good something to be frowned upon?

          I think penalties should be uniform for everyone rich or poor. I would however make allowances on some mitigating circumstances. Everyone who has compassion generally takes those things into account 

  • Here comes that big broom to sweep latrells problems under the rug again... firearms offences, traffic offences, covid breaches, alcohol abuse, public displays of violence... and he hasn't missed a game for any of the off field issues. Let that sink in.
    And the media still try's to sell that narrative that he's some sort of superstar player and a role model.

    Affray? Resisting arrest? Nothing in it?

    Thats ok here Matterson, you can have a 3wk suspension for on field incident. Hmmm I'll let you all decide.

    • Always has been a sook of a player imo and from my view the sort of person who seems to blame things on others rather than owning it. 

    • Well put Analyst.

  • Even if Latrell was caught for being a serial killer, he'd pull the race card straight away, and the NRL would still let him play.


    • Snakey, do you have any evidence that either player " pulled the race card"? Or is your assertion just based on an assumption?

      • Maggie my mate, being a teacher you'll understand all about percentages.

        If everytime he opens his mouth he brings up his race, like all day every day, what are the chances he  bought it up with the cops?

        He was smashed, ive little doubt he banged on about treatment of blacks in custody back at the cop shop, and reminded them it was his land and us white devils are cunts.'

        No way he would have missed that opportunity, he probably banged on about Eddie Mabo too

        • I heard he even accused them of stealing his wife's cardigan. 

This reply was deleted.

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