• You forgot to mention the last 2 minutes of the GF vs Penrith.

      Parra trail 12-14. 90 seconds left on the clock. What's this? BA pulls Gutho off so he can put Jake on. Reed passes one out to Moses, he immediately passes to Jake who chip-and-chases over the head of Cleary and dashes for the line, steps Edwards with ease and goes in to score 16-14. 

      30 seconds left on the clock. Moses does the honourable thing and gives Jake the kick. He converts, grows wings, and we realise he was an angel this whole time. 18-14 to Parra. Doves fly around the stadium as Barnsey serenades JA and BA.

      • Lol

      • Just need to score first points.

        • Scoring more points than them is also a tactic we should employ . 

      • This is the way

  • Parra 20 Cows 12

    Sivo 1st try

    Moses MOM


  • 26-10 Parra victory.

    16-4 at halftime.


    • Conceive, Belive, Achieve! 

  • Eels 36-10


  • Eels 24 cowgirls 10 MOM Mahoney 

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