Brock Lamb Backflips

Parramatta Eels News, Brock Lamb has done a backflip on his new contract with the Parramatta Eels and had today returned home to play with the Maitland Pickers.


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  • Lol whatever

  • When’s hock coming

    • hahahaha

  • we should targeting Kurt Baptiste decent backup for Reed

  • WHO?

  • missed opportunity maybe some regrets one day.

    • Family issues idiot

  • I heard that brock is still coming 

  • As the local newspaper reports , Lamb said he has played football and nothing else , never had a real job and so he says he wants to experience a normal sort of life without the strict regime of NRL training and commitments . He has been offfered an electician apprenticeship . Considering the stability including income from  a lifetime trade qualification against a few more years of uncertain footy career , it sounds like Lamb has made the best decision  ?

    Brock Lamb signs with Maitland Pickers
    Brock Lamb has turned his back on a contract with the Parramatta Eeels to return home to the Maitland Pickers and playing with his mates.
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