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Hi Phil , 


would you please be able to comment here on what’s deemed an acceptable social blog ?  Today I posted a thread about One Nation , a recognised and prominent political party in Australia in which is of interest to millions of Australians from all political sides . Whether it be discussion on theor flaws or positives , being election time it’s an interesting topic . 


My thread was not aggressive and was replied to with respect for those who chose to put forward their concerns with this political party and it was reciprocated in the replies back to myself .   When you put in the time to create a thread and pen your thoughts it’s actually quite frustrating to have someone come in and delete it for no reason whatsoever than they simply don’t like it , it is damaging to your site and discourages people from taking the time to contribute. I’d just finished typing a reply to a fellow member acknowledging his concerns and searching and providing links to further the discussion and all of a sudden it was gone . 


As you know , Phil , I have been here a very long time and during this time you’ve always maintained and celebrated the pitch that you’re against censorship within reason and that as long as we are respectful our topics are free to be discussed , and later in history “ as long as you take it to the social section “ as did your wannabe Mark Zuckerberg assistant . “ take it to the social blogs section “ was also his line when it was something he didn’t agree with .  So why now do we find ourselves also chasing him around the pages to find out if he deleted these threads ? Why is there no reasoning as to why ? And why are our comments asking him if they have been deleted also being deleted ?    Phil it is pretty sad when we have an election hammering down on us that you and your team are now too soft to be able to let an election thread run .    


Whats next , I cop a ban for questioning this ?  Because that’s the impression I’m getting .  Tbh it seems the site has sunk to the point that I’ll be shocked if this even stays up long enough for you to reply . For that reason I’ve also copied it and will send it by way of inbox should it be deleted .  


Phil , you’ve been begging us to keep the garbage off the main pages for years , however when we do the correct thing and post it in the social section , this is how our time and effort is repaid ? By just pressing delete on an active topic that’s generating hits and discussion . Phil I’m not about to tell you how to run your site , if you’re happy for your assistants to piss all over the culture you’ve created and the perception we are on a site that promotes debate , that’s your perogative , but I was just after some clarity . If the social section has now moved the goalposts , maybe it’s time for a re-name , as my parting gesture can I suggest you call it The Socialist Section .  And you wonder why all the frustration and shit flows back onto the main page . 


I hope you get a chance to read this before it’s censored by the thought Police . 






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  • Please explain

    • He just detail.

  • I would tend to agree. Respectful, robust debate is how we grow and learn as a community.

    Whilst I may strongly disagree with what the above poster says, I wll defend with my life his right to express it!

    Do you like that? I just made it up *smile* (ok I stole it)



    • Mate that’s a fantastic saying , very creative , yet to the point . Here’s a little ditty I wrote just now. 


      “ waiting for fair and unbiased moderation on OneEyedEel , is like leaving the porch light on for Harold Holt “. 



      And yeah , 100% . If we can’t have adult politics talk at election time in the Social section , then what’s the point of the social section ?  


      Hooefully since I’ve addressed this to Phil , it’s left for him to respond with the guidlines .  Then we may be allowed to continue discussing One Nation as well as the other parties and what they can offer . 

  • Agree Wiz, I read your blog and saw no issue with it - was going to participate in it later in the day.

    The Christchurch blog is a good example of how we have heeded Phil's advice/direction on social discussions - about 100 replies with a number of viewpoints but respect was always maintained and the discussion never even looked like getting out of control - I can't see why your Pauline blog wouldn't have headed in the same direction - after all, it's generally roughly the same bunch that frequent the social blogs and we all know how to tow the line.....


    By the way - outstanding presser by Pauline a few minutes ago - she turned it into an election campaign launch that ended up being shown live on every channel in the country - the media were played for fools. Maybe the best political presser I have ever seen - except for the mighty Gough's of course.




    • " Good morning" at 2.00pm, she has"have never sought donations or guidance from the NRMA”, and repeatedly called the NZ pm "Jacinta Ahern" instead of Ardern. No she's going good. 

      When did ignorance and stupidity become a badge of honour. You'd roll your eyes and cringe if she was just a random making those mistakes talking shit in a beer garden but she's the leader of a political party ffs

      • I meant that it was highly entertaining - surely it gave you a laugh - and it was beamed live on all channels.

        You've outlined the three highlights of her performance - classic Pauline. It wouldn't surprise me if they were actually written into her  spiel they were that good. If I was her adviser I would be telling her to print those mistakes on posters, highlight them in youtube ads . . . they're just suquels to the legendary "please explain".

        That's Pauline's shtick - verbal stuff ups.

        Those fuckups will lose her zero votes from her supporters, but media types highlighting them and belittling her because of them will actually have the effect of garnering votes for her from certain sections of the community.    

        Absolute gold.

        I'm not a Pauline Hanson supporter. She's as useless as every other pollie in this country.

        • Yer, that's the problem I have with it Kram, the acceptance of mediocrity. As much as we all give pollies shit, they do have to make tough decisions about economic policies, laws and foreign relations that have real world consequences for people. The standards we used to hold them did a pretty good job of weeding out the real fuck ups eventually.

          Paulines supporters like her because she " just like us". But I don't want someone in charge whose " just like us", lots of people are farking dumb, myself included at lots of things. My maths skills are basic, don't put me in charge of any economic policy!

          Maybe we should give them the option of undergoing surgery or hopping on a plane and letting someone " just like us" have a go.

          When I'm teaching kids how to write a speech they ask " why do I have to learn this ?". I used to reply " so you don't embarrass yourself if and when you have to do some public speaking". Looks like it doesn't matter anymore, stupidity might get you elected.

          • Your dead right Magpie "stupidity might get you elected" thats why we need to get rid of compulsory voting, hopefully the stupid people won't bother voting

            • Didn't seem to work in the states, I'd hate to see the " energize your voters rubbish" that happens in the states.

This reply was deleted.

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