I post a bit on this site because I am a staunch Parra supporter. So I have taken a bit of a setback lately. On the 06/02/2020 I was driving and blacked out/ heart attack , veered off the road and hit a pole ,writing off my car , almost running over a off duty Paramedic walking down the footpath. The Paramedic pulls me out of the car and resuscitates me and here I am still standing.Being 62 I don't believe I am that old.Going back a ways I was 18 when I drowned and was pulled from the surf and resuscitated. At 18.5 yrs.' I tempted the gods again when I took a strong electric shock which threw me 15feet/ I landed on my feet and kept on working. At 19 yrs old I was bashed by 4 men who didn't like the fact that my girlfriend was a prostitute and she stopped living with her pimp to live with me. The first I new of that was when a man pulled out a revolver and threatened me on the street. I pretty much clubbed him senseless with it. Anyway , his mates caught up with me.3 weeks in hospital for me. Anyone who knows their RL history - one of the 4 men was a cousin of a South Sydney player - this man had shot a policeman.It took me a while to settle down and I thought it was the go to drink 1.5 bottles of Scotch and go to bed straight. I didn't know I was killing myself. The Scotch damaged my Liver and now my Liver doesn't like to process the Cholesterol. So this heart attack is number 2 - the last one was 5 yrs ago.Life goes on. I run 3 klm a day , walk the dog a couple more. Its as though nothing has happened. Oh yes it has. I do more exercise now.So my Heart Specialist has me on 4 months suspension of work. Ok fair enough. So the Virus comes around. So what you ask?. I apply for Medical Benefits. I start the application on 12/02/2020 and when they finally get to it , 23/03/2020, they tell me they don't have Medical Benefits anymore after 20/02/2020 and now I need to reapply on Newstart. Newstart says that my application should finish processing on 15/04/2020. 7 weeks now no income.So getting back to my story. I nearly run over the Paramedic who revives me. And sincerely I thank him. Why have I been bought back this time?. My wife says I am too stubborn to die or that the way I am going to die hasn't been invented yet. Funnily enough I told my doctor that I think there is a court case in there somewhere, all I have to do is prove that I was going to be better off dead.I'm not going anywhere until Parra wins another premiership.

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  • Hi Don . Thanks for sharing your story . Life has been tough for you mate and I wish you well  . So you were working up until the car accident in February? 

  • Good on you Don you tough bastard. You survived all those things but it looks like the bureaucratic red tape might do you in.

  • Geez mate, they say things come in threes...I think you broke that rule. Anyway, hope you're going ok, and get by until the money starts flowing your way again.

  • Stuff me roan  and I thought I had been through shit .got nothing on you mate

  • It will happen mate, before you clock off. Seems like itll take armaggedon to finally do you in anyway lol. Keep rollin on brother, keep the faith

  • Fuck me Don I thought I did it tough heart attack, hip replacement, septic infection that nearly took me out. My lot was like a picnic in the park compared with you. I’m 73 and I’m not going until we win five more. Just keep smiling.

  • Note to self - never stand next to Don.

  • Great Story Don, I don't know about a court case but there is a couple of movies Lol.

    Seriously you have had some "very real" life experiences which would test a lot of people. Credit to you to come out of it on the "other side" and be as normal as you sound

    Personally I am a spiritist and believe in reincarnation.I am not absolutely certain of it, who can be in such a matter, but it makes sense to me when you delve into the philosophy and a number of other aspects.

    It's not a religion in itself, you can be any religion and fit into the philosophy of Spiritism (nothing to do with Spiritualism by the way).

    It should also not to be confused with the Bhuddist or HIndu religous beliefs but the principles of reincarnation are very similar.

    The main difference is you can only come back as a human being (no animals or bugs) and you cannot regress only stagnate or get better. The idea is when in the afterlife you get to examine past lives and subconsciously have them in your memory when reborn.

    This subconscious placement allows you to progress to becoming  a better human being. Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 lifetimes to learn the same lesson. I feel that I have been down that route! lol

    The person that started this belief system was a man named KARDEC (google him up) from the 1850's. His books are all worth reading 

    At this stage you are probably convinced I am some sort of a nutter, so I won't go any further. Hope you have a look at it as it may mean you can make some sense out of your experiences.

    For the casual reader who no doubt would sceptically read this a particular thing of interest is that the spiritist regime believes the "soul" only enters your body at birth when undertaking your first breath......that places a lot of philosophical discussion on abortion and still birth children.

    It was only the thought of children all over the world regardless of race and creed dying at the rate they do that got me interested in spiritism..... it was the only way I could come to terms with any god or power that exists to allow children to die without making any choices.

    Good Luck Don and keep on enjoying your amazing life.....there is a saying that spiritists have that says Death is actually a new Birth. The other thing that people might be interested in is that family circles continue after death, or sex is not determined in spirit, your soul can return as a male or female when being reincarnated ......note transgender is therefore not an issue LOL.

    One final thing is have you ever met someone for seemingly the first time but feel you have known them all your life......some of the people I have felt through this site can create that feeling.

    Obviously not the one's that don't obviously endear themselves to me. lol


    • Thaks for the reply Poppa. Its good to see someone with the strength to talk about their beleifs. I am right there with you Poppa, I am Spiritual also.

      I was seperated from my family when I was 3 and I lived with the separation anxiety for most of my life. Being a youngster everyone asumed I was a difficult child being unable to bond and make friends. The State didnt care about our mental health and abandoned us once we turnes 18 to walk this Earth alone. I have a petition in at the NSW Attornie Generals Office petitioning for the State Wards as we speak.

      When I was 22 I met the love of my life. Sadly she was killed in a auto accident 3 yrs later. I learned the hard way that nothing was forever.

      I married for all the wrong reasons. Fortunatly I have 3 great adult children and 8 grand children.

      I took up Meditation and eventually grew apart for wife number one. I became greatly Spiritually aware.

      I eventually remarried to a Phillipino woman with 2 children. I realised that my greatest desire was to give someone else a better life. I also offer guidance to people who may or maynot want it. The Spiritual journey is a private journey often by self worth issues, such as the ones I have.

      My wife accepts that i talk about other realms and think in a manner that most poeple would be put into a Asylum for. You have a strong background Poppa, in Spirituallity. Through Meditation I have been given insights , met Spirit Guides and forefathers. In my darkest hours I have had visits at the foot of my bed from my forefathers and lain in my bed and been comforted with hugs.

      So I say this to you Poppa its up to you. Whats normal for me is not necessarily normal for you.

      How far do you want to go , how much are you prepared to be closer and how close do you dare to be?

      Listen to Doreen Virtues Colour Meditation for everynight for 30 days at least.It is a guided Meditation that goes for 28 Min. You will never be the same person in 1 month. If you stop you will come back to your current level, except you will know that if you dare , there is a journey that awaits you.

      • Thank you for your thoughts Don, great to see there is a destination for you that you can look forward to....one of the real positives of spiritism.

        Just as a matter of interest there is a difference between spiritism and spiritualism but we are on the same track notwithstanding. 

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