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Ray Price.

I understand all the problems regarding the coronavirus,the restrictions,the isolations and lockdown. Everyone impacted in one way or another,the world over. But what I don't understand is why no one,on this site, has mentioned Ray Price and his wife

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13 Replies · Reply by Eel of 66 May 15

WTF 2 Weeks

Is this a joke ! 

Nathan Brown gets 2 weeks for ACCIDENTAL contact with the knees.

Cleary get 2 week for braking the law then lying to the judiciary.

Addo-Carr only had 2 warnings before finally fined but thats ok - Miss no games

It's a case of don't jus

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More stuff to read

Clintorian replied to Mudskip's discussion Top Guns
"Well played Brissy - hahaha"
3 hours ago
Kramerica replied to Magpie's discussion 'Merica: Just how f@#ked is it?
"My point is that violence solves nothing - violence for, against, with or in the name of blacks, whites, yellows and any other color (American spelling) you choose to nominate is unacceptable.
That's not a point that makes me sound like a Nazi, or i…"
3 hours ago
Wile E. Coyote replied to Magpie's discussion 'Merica: Just how f@#ked is it?
"Nailed it Tank"
3 hours ago
Johnny B Good replied to Sir SuperEel 22 Hail King Arthur's discussion Phil Gould reveals he spoke with Brad Arthur post-2018 disaster
"When that cat looks in the mirror,  he sees a lion. "
3 hours ago