Who would you swap for Lomax?

With all the talk that Flanagan won't realese him early unless he gets a good player. Who would you let go? 

Me personally I would let Paulo, Sivo or Matterson go fo him. Paulo just seems to be running in cruise control these days, doesn't have the same effect he once did. 

Lomax would be a great pick up and needed for our backline, we must go hard for him. 

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  • I wouldn't release Sivo, you'd finally get a centre who enjoys positioning his winger and you'd release a winger who's got a try scoring rate that's in the top 5 in the history of the NRL? I'd be trying to utilise that combo for at least the duration of Sivo's current contract which probably sees him out. I would give them Matterson - we have other players who can play his role 

    • Very true, good point. 

    • Exactly. 

      Sivo is 3rd in the try scoring rate in the NRL.

      That went downhill when we lost Jennings and then Opacic who were both good at setting up Sivo.

      Simonsson is a ball hog and I can't remember the last time he actually set up his winger instead of going for the glory himself and failing.

      With Lomax at centre, watch Sivo get back to his best.

      Getting rid of Paulo is just a stupid idea.

      Without a doubt, Matterson is the most logical one to go if they will take a forward. Hopgood has a lock on the lock position and we have enough props that can take his spot.

      • Lomax would be playing right centre. So  Russel would be outside of him. Penisni would move to the left side.

        • I think Lomax plays winger atleast for the first few weeks and he would replace Russel who can  play fullback in NSW cup. 

          Russell should be the Gutho fall back for now, he will make a decent longterm back up across the back 5 for years to come.

          • Russell showed in that game v Warriors last year he badly needs game time at Fullback. He has not had much at all since 2021 and COVID effected his development. Talagi can then move to Centre or Five-Eighth in NSW cup.

        • Yeah i reckon BA moves Penisini also. Penisini will have a transition period of course but his game is not centred (no pun intended) around the right side.

          • Not too sure about that lb, he tends to push off his right foot when he breaks the line. Can he push off his left?, maybe.

            • He did play left centre in NSW cup. I recon he will handle the switch well. He likes to fend with his right hand too.

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