• A big fat donut . Maybe GayGuy if we pay him lots of Gaydollars 

  • As long as we don't sign Sharyn Woods, he is a dead set pillow. Then we'd have a pair of pillows with Shaun Lane.

  • Wish we could trade Lane for some young mad bull who cut people in half

  • Probable losses (all guesses)

    Ferguson - on outer on big $

    Oldfield - 32 next year 

    Hughes or Hollis - Grieg and others in front can't keep both 

    Waqa Blake - if they could get a trade I think they would

    Ray Stone - utility position taken by Will Smith 

    So I reckon a winger or two and a centre or two - a few clubs need a big clean out so let's wait and see 


    • Hughes & Hollis ???

      They're only 19 and developing. Not going anywhere. 

      • Hi Brett I agree but I wouldn't be during we decide to bolster our roster with more outside backs as that's where we are thin 

        • Holis is already resigned. I think Hughes may become a development player next year since he has not played or trained with the NRL squad all year. 

        • They are the perfect age to eventually take over from RCG & Junior. Hollis would be on minimum salary or near enough to it, and Hughes is on a development contract, he doesn't even count against the cap. 

          We've said we want to be a development club, well, that means we rely on developing our own and bringing them through. We cannot have sustained success relying on recruitment.

          Have y'all not learned from the predicament that the likes of the Broncos, Bulldogs, Tigers & Dragons find themselves in ?

          Recruitment needs to be a last resort of something you do to kickstart a rebuild. 

          Neither applies to us. 

          • Yes, we said we want to be a development club yet Utoikamanu is getting around in a Tigers jersey. 

            • Just because you develop a player doesn't mean you want to match huge offers from desperate clubs like the Tigers. You can't keep them all. Even development clubs can't. The Storm lost  Fa'asuamaleaui (a desperate club offered overs) and the Panthers are losing Burton (also to a desperate club). It happens. You just have to keep developing players and retaining the ones who want to stay.

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