Anguillidae replied to Mr 'BringBackFitzy' Analyst's discussion Eels set to chase surprise replacement
"Edrick Lee played Origin mate - they'll pick anyone!"
Anguillidae replied to Mr 'BringBackFitzy' Analyst's discussion Shoosh .......
"Same with Mahoney. The Dogs don't have the cap space for him yet in 2023. If they can't find clubs to take their 'rejects' off them, Mahoney would have to go back on the open market."
Anguillidae replied to LB's discussion Parramatta haven't made an offer to Ryan Matterson, but do they need to now?
"No. "
Nov 19
Anguillidae replied to Electric Eel's discussion Warriors seeking immediate release of Nuikore!
"Disagree. Niukore is an outstanding edge forward who can play in the centres and middle when needed. He has speed, aggression and a never-say-die attitude (something that Lane and Matterson don't appear to posess)"
Nov 17
Anguillidae replied to Parrapowa's discussion Eels back down on contract deadline to give star trio more time
"100% correct Wizz and sadly our 'captain' is happy to play along. "
Nov 12
Anguillidae replied to Sneaky's discussion Mahoney reportedly makes contract decision
"With zero tackle. "
Nov 11
Anguillidae replied to Electric Eel's discussion Marata reportedly gonskie!
"Whatever we're paying Lane is overs! "
Nov 11
Anguillidae replied to Axel's discussion Scumbag Ayoub at it again
"I don't think people have turned against him. Many just don't consider him an elite fullback and never have. Throw Sam Ayoub into the mix and you start to build a picture. Brown to fullback, Ponga to 5/8. Problem solved :-) "
Oct 27
Anguillidae replied to EA's discussion Daily Telegraph reports that Andrew Johns could leave eels?
"Good riddance - grade A fuckwit. His short time on the phone coaching Moses has been dribble at best. "
Oct 27
Anguillidae replied to McLovin's discussion Signing Priorities
"In order of importance.
1. Mahoney  2. Niukore 3. Papalii  4. RCG  5. Gutherson  6. Matterson"
Oct 22
Anguillidae replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Semi Final Team List v Panthers
Sep 14
Anguillidae replied to Bert de Naturál✌️™'s discussion Awesome new banner!
"Yeah, awesome banner. Looks like Fuuuuui's work for sure. "
Sep 13
Anguillidae replied to Scott Gregs's discussion A Loss Tonight Is Unacceptable
"The Titans are specials over the Sea Eagles at $9.00. We could've had that 4th spot."
Sep 3
Anguillidae replied to brissydolphin23's discussion Brett Kenny applies for Assistant Coach Role
"Kenny's a f$cking legend. He would be perfectly suited to harvest the natural talent of Dylan Brown. "
Aug 25
Anguillidae replied to TEDDYLAD's discussion WHO IS ON THE RADAR FOR NEXT YEAR ?
"I would have liked to have kept both (certainly over a few others in the roster)."
Jul 13
Anguillidae replied to TEDDYLAD's discussion WHO IS ON THE RADAR FOR NEXT YEAR ?
"Semantics. Let me rephrase - he was named in the Origin 'squad' by better judges than you or I. "
Jul 13





Coffs Harbour


July 21


Sales & Marketing Manager

Favourite Player/s:

Brett Kenny, Ray Price, Matt Moylan, Darren Lockyer

Favourite Eels Moment/s

The 1981, 1982 and 1983 grand final victories.

Do/have you play footy (If so for who, when, position, etc)?

Yes, hooker/halfback in the 80's

What changes would you make if you were Eels coach

A more dynamic style of play. Less of the structured pre-meditated stuff - more offloads and playing what's in front of you.