• Frankie 

    brett is back 

    HOE still has some family stuff going on 

    I keep asking about snake hoping he will be pardoned if he is banned ??? Don’t know what’s happening there 

  • Frank.... we need them.  As you said the other day, few newbies are bit light on. 

    • Are they really newbies?  Or perhaps those will multiple accounts and trolls?  

  • Frank, I spoke to Snake recently he is suspended but doesn't no for how long. He asked me to give you his regards. 

    • About time Snakie returned .

      • here here 

    •  The best days of this site were when Super disappeared for a year and was hardly ever on the site and Brett Allen and Patsy were the mods, this site was thriving.


      As soon as Super returned and took over the site has gone downhill and  turned onto a lefties dork den. 

      • And he allows morons like Big Eel and Vertigo smile to continually post there illiterate crap. 

        • Slugg when the fck are u going to evaporate ur like a flying shit 

          • Welcome back Snake you must be thrilled that this dope is still here. 

This reply was deleted.

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