The similarities from this scene (watch below) in the movie Moneyball and what is happening at our club at present is pretty much identical.

 Just change the names of the players, recruitment strategy to replace them, spending to compared to other clubs....

 Spoiler alert to those that haven’t watched the full movie, in the end the “Moneyball” team broke the record for consecutive wins, but once again bombed out in the playoffs.

 Sound familiar?


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      • 1000% they just love losing and embrace it.

  • Yeh, nah, clubs that win Premierships are those that beat the cap by having a good number of players who play above their wages. Penrith were a perfect example last year with the likes of Momorovski, To'o, Martin, etc. all playing well above their pay grades.

    Penrith was also the perfect example of a team that had their Premiership window open, and they were able to take it.

    Our Premiership windows is next year. Like Penrith, we legitimately fell just short, and now we go into next year, with a bunch of players on unders. The market has shown that those three players are not that far off a million dollars of "unders", In you throw in Will Pennisni who is a home-grown development under and will be a half-million dollar player when he goes on the market, our window is well and truly open in 2022. 

    It's just fucking stupid to be decrying the club for its Premiership ambitions, when the market has proven resoundingly that the club has done a fantastic job in developing players to the point that we probably go into next year with the highest value squad in the NRL. People need to stop bitching about 2023 and beyond, because who knows what shape shit will be in, by then, and be appreciative of the fact that we probably go into next year's Premiership as favourites or close-to. With Mitchell Moses finally starting to consistently deliver and Dylan Brown starting to come into a period of his career, where he should grow with the experience we've had, we've legitimately got our shot at a title.

    Every Parramatta fan I know, just wants a Premiership - so let's focus on the fact that we have actually have our shot. The entire club needs to be wholly focused now, that most of our business is done on just taking our chance, because the salary cap ensures it does not come up every year regardless of things like TPAs.

    As for 2023, Melbourne is the benchmark, and they have proven that you should not be afraid of turnover if you focus on player development and creating an environment where you improve players. That way you ensure you're in the finals, which largely get won by the team with the least amount of injuries come the Grand Final and the reality is that luck plays as much a part as anything else in actually winning those finals games.

    • Nice post TKBK, some very good points.

    • Everybody's wetting their pants about how we finished the season last year.

      Don't forget that for the 2nd half of the season, less two games (Storm win and Panthers narrow loss) we were bog average at best.

      That doesn't fill me with confidence for our fortunes next season.


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