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Should Super be a mod?

Just a simple yes or no will do. 

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We’ve had a woman as a mod , she was so precious she banned anyone that remotely mentioned anything lowbrow , was absolutely hysterical when someone mentioned her undies resulting in total bans and suspensions of some long term and very good contributors  , and deleted more threads she deemed “ not footy related “ than you can poke a stick at . Absaloute nightmare . 

In saying that , after dishing us out all that drama Super has managed to be here , so kudos where it’s due . It’s a thankless job and you’re going to have run ins .  Should Super have all the power ? No , should Super be a mod ? Yeah I have no problem . 

Oh , And Tinkerbell was a chick too , and she was a f****** moron . 

Who would’ve known they had Internet forums back then ,Tad .

Are you talking about Alan Hunt, Tad?

great time to be alive in those days mate. It was actually for Wizz and his  ambivalence  maybe about   a female mod--Not quite sure about Alan

i think your phone maybe the problem .i dont have a problem with mine as for this topic on this blog .no comment

Does anyone else get this when they go to 1EE?

You don't own a laptop, PC or tablet?

So you have to bat to a little tiny phone screen? Jeezus - I'm getting you a desktop with a massive screen for Xmas mate - by New Year you will have calluses on your hands the size or Werther's Originals.

I agree - Super's fine as a mod but he needs support in the form of a few more mods. Also strongly agree that Snake (or anyone else) should not have been banned because of the Sluggy blog.

I have a great imagination Kram....

Where's Phil - its his site. I understand he is very busy with work but surely he could spend 10 minutes per day to review what's been happening.
I think the current set up is fine although I think a few people should get life bans rather then being only suspended


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