Sivo Returns Round 12 2022

I'm hearing Sivo won't be back till round 12 2022, and by the time Sivo gets going the season will be over so let's just say next year for him will be a write off.

Fergo may be heading off to Japanese rugby, so that's two massive holes to fill, I hear you all say Dunster on one wing but who plays on the other? Is there a up and comer or does Parra need to look outside to fill the hole?

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  • Naiduko

  • Sean Russell? or does waqa finally move out to the wing and we bring in a centre?

  • Waqa. 

  • Niukore to centre, Blake to wing

    • This needs to happen .

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to suspend his contract and pay him out now or does he have another season to run after next year.

    • Just pay some two bob NRLW " star " to get caught giving him a wristy in the Maccas shitters and appparenty you can tear up his contract no worries. 

  • Isaako, Oates or Cotric would be my guess

  • That's a shame for Sivo I wish him a speedy recovery.

    He must have really torn his knee up.

    Hope he comes back bigger and better.

  • Haze can cover the left wing fine. Melbourne just won thru to a Prelim final with Gennings and LumiLumi as wingers. It takes more than wingers

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