Just want to get a general feel on opinion, should MA join the nrl side towards end of year in a 14 role (10-15 min) or should he stay in nsw cup and keep working on his craft. Plenty of good things in the 19s origin but also some issues with his game. Getting him into the nrl side could be good to see what that level is about so wouldn't mind him in the 14 for last couple of games. 

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  • Needs abit more beef I reckon 

  • I'm not sure he's ready for that....it could hinder his development. Talagi is out on the wing at the moment, a bit far from the action. But hooker you are in the thick of it. Mahoney had all those big boys running at him early in his career, and was a speed bump.

    It was the first time I've had a good look at him. I can see the potential, but I thought his service from DH was slow to be honest. He reminds me of Mahoney in his delivery. Picks up, takes a step or two, then passes. He's still learning, but watching some video of Cam Smith and Harry Grant would do him wonders. He doesn't have the speed of Api, but his guile is certainly worth looking at.

    • No supporter base overrates their juniors quite like the Eels supporters do. IMO he is good, not great and certainly does not stand out like other elite 18 year olds that have cone through the generations.

      He reminds me a young Harry Grant, the way he moves only slower IMO.

      His service out of dummy half looked a bit slow but his passing was fairly crisp. He showed he has good vision and took some good options with a few short side plays.

      Overall he does look good but IMO he is still too small for 1st grade ATM. One more off season and let's see how he looks.


      • agree with the harry grant. That came to mind when i seen him

    • I did see his passing a tad bit slow, i agree. But luckily he is 19, not the finished product. As for it hurting his development, i do not see how it will if he gets a 10-15min stint in a few games. Now, if Hands went down and he played 60-80mins maybe if it is a disaterous game. But these Arthur boys, yes Jake included, are tough minded. If he is able to get 2-3 games on the bench and play 10-20mins in each, it can do wonders for his development exposing him to the speed and strength in first grade.

      He doesn;t have the speed of Api, but how many Hookers do? Though i will say, way he runs is so similar to Jake Arthur it is scary, with the shoulders moving.

  • No thanks 

  • Making the same mistakes like what we have done with Jacob. No thanks

    • Difference is Matt won't be playing full 80. Jake thrown into the halves to play full 80 and put on the bench when he is a specialist half.

      At least Matt will make sense on the bench.

  • Nowhere near ready yet, he would be targeted too much. His body shape still under developed, risk shoulder injury

    • Couldn't agree more, he would have just started to do the weights training needed for defence in the NRL  


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