• He’s got a fair way to go to be on the same level with Semi, but I’m loving what I’m seeing and this was his highlight of the year.

    Parra are strangely at their best when we have top class wingers. If we get Semi back we should get him in the centres and have them play together.

    • I think, as someone else suggested in the semi blog, if semi returns he plays wing with Gutherson moved to the centres and Ferguson plays fullback.

      Gutherson given licence to roam à la trbojevic in state of origin and run alot out of dummy-half à la Justin Hodges. It's an odd one but with a full off season it could work.

      Seems odd to have a huge chunk of our salary cap in our wingers but for us it seems to work and geez imagine having Ferguson, semi and Sivo running the ball back with Gutherson running off the back of it. Geez....

      I think the other alternative is semi signs with the roosters, sea eagles or bulldogs to play wing.

  • He is still a way behind, but I called it round 3 that we will have found our replacement by round 10.

    Love this bloke.

  • If semi came back which is a big if mind you I reckon Arthur would play him in the centres. He wouldn’t break up Fergo and Sivo which for my money is the best wing combo in the comp. 

    Semi didn’t do as much heavy work coming out of our end as Sivo and Fergo do, he was probably a superior broken field runner but a lot of that was actually standing one in from the wing. 

  • I’m amazed that Takairangi had the pace to stay in front of RTS and finish that move, even though RTS looked for all money like he would catch him.


    it was my favourite Sivo play of the year, though. Great work with the fends and power running.

  • My mom is not a league fan.

    Even she was shocked and impressed after watching this.


  • Imagine one on each wing 


  • Wouldn’t get ahead of yourselfs, he needs to pick up his defence or teams like the roosters towards the end of the year will carve him to pieces 

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