Round 11 Team List v Sea Eagles

1. Clint Gutherson (c)

2. Hayze Perham

3. Will Penisni

4. Tom Opacic

5. Bailey Simmonson

6. Dylan Brown

7. Mitchell Moses

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Reed Mahoney

10. Junior Paulo

11. Shaun Lane

12. Isaiah Papail'i

13. Ryan Matterson


14. Makahesi Makatoa

15. Marata Niukore

16. Oregon Kaufusi

17. Nathan Brown



18. Wiremu Grieg

19. Jake Arthur

20. Mitch Rein

21. Bryce Cartwright

22. Sean Russell

23. Elie El-Zakhem

24. Maika Sivo


INs: Marata Niukore

OUTs: Bryce Cartwright


Referee: Todd Smith

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  • I wonder what Manly's game plan will be

    • Definitely won't be kick high to Hayze's, definitely not that.

      • No point, he's a giant that couldn't possibly be out jumped.

        • Probably helps that Saab isn't around.

    • Perham

  • Matto starting & Niukore back. Great news.
    Hopefully Sivo is right to go from extended bench.

    • Sivo is playing NSW Cup for match fitness. Been named there. 

  • So what's the haps in this game?

    Are we going to win because we lost last week?

    Or are we going to lose because we're expected to win?


  • Matto starting, wonder if we're seeing a changing of the guard. He's capable of being a devastating 13 if he can keep his form up. And if he works well in that spot it probably allows us to meet his salary expectations a bit better.

    I just wonder if he can sustain his form long term or whether he's just playing for a contract payday and will then move back into cruise mode.

    • I thought the same thing Captain. He has been exceptional this year and he's got the opportunity to make this spot his own for 80 mins. 
      I personally think we get the best out of Lane playing shorter stints. He does some really good things but then goes missing. Sharing his time on the field with N Brown might work if Matterson can play for 80

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