Some simple questions here for the good folks of 1eyed eel .

1. When was the last time eels football club members voted ? 

When was the last time  a football club AGM was held ?.

How and when can eels football club  members make changes to the board ?

Can football club members removed the entire board in one go ?

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  • I'm not 100% sure but I don't think football club members now have any avenue to make changes to the football club board.  As far as I am aware it is appointed by the leagues club board.  The only way around this is to start voting out the sitting members on the leagues club board 2 at a time, 2 board members have to up for re-election every 12 months.  This is an avenue I will take if changes aren't made at coaching level, head coach and reserve grade coach must be the first two gone.

    • I wonder if Super can help us out and tell us? 

      • Muttman  will probably have info on how this works now.

  • Why the hell does it worry you what a club that you don't follow do? Why would you even question how the club run? You have no interest, you don't care, you don't follow them, all you do is step out of your boring life & hop into your computer desk & move your mouse around while hitting your box of tissues in the process. Such a sad sack, didn't say shit when the Roosters were getting flogged, don't say shit when Parra are winning, but now, you come here with your opinion. A complete flog, speechless at the crap you post, most of the time I don't even read it. But your last one about the Bondi tragedy, never did I think you would go so low. 

    • Tim for someone who according to you has no interest in the eels , or even like the eels why then do I  know so much more about the club and it's history than a generational flop like you ? 


      Can you point to any evidence that shows I'm never on here or comment when Parra win ? or do you just take your meds snd dribble ? 


      For years now you come on here every now and then ranting like a incoherent fool who just lost his  bus fare all because you get triggered each time your rash flares up  , perhaps you should  keep your anti bacterial issues to yourself in future . 



      Once more flop a dope , I urge you to show a ounce of evidence where I'm not here or comment when Parra are winning ?  Go on rash boy .


      And if you are feeling brave we can have a debate about the eels and their  history of say the last 20 years and see how much of  fan you are ?

      • The fong loves the eels he's just stating the obvious when it comes to the board and arthur

  • I can't answer these questions, and as a football club member for many years maybe I should know. However I can say that the football club board has no control over the NRL side. That is controlled by the league's club board. 

    • If that is the case then 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thanks Parra Dice , I use to know because I was dead against it but now i can't remember . 

    • That's back to front mate. 

  • I dont believe the members have any direct influence with board appointments. The leagues club itself is treated as a separate entity from the Eels and if there is any crossover, it is minimal.

    the only real way would be for membership to drop off significantly and for the Eels to not be as profitable. Then maybe, there would be an overhaul 

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