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Parramatta Eels Club re-sign Clint Gutherson

Parramatta Eels Club is very pleased to announce that our full-back and captain Clint Gutherson has re-signed for three years until the end of the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership season.
Clint made his debut for the Club in 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular players with Parramatta Eels Members and fans. His consistent form and versatility is a key attribute for the Club.
Parramatta Eels Club CEO Bernie Gurr said, “We are delighted to have Clint remain an Eel, and we are keenly aware of what he brings to the Club. He is an asset to our team and a leader both on and off the field.”
Head Coach Brad Arthur said Clint is a very important part of the team, “I love coaching Clint, the energy and commitment he brings to work every day is unparalleled. His teammates look up to him and he sets a great example to the whole playing squad, I’m very happy he’s staying.”
Clint said he was relieved that contract negotiations are now in the past and he can remain focused on the season ahead "I love the Club and our loyal fans, I love playing the game and I love my teammates so I’m very happy I’m staying."

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  • Well well well, now we can move onto the next possible negative thing

  • Lot's of love from Gutho but can someone explain to me why he was so evasive on League Life last night. Why didn't he just say that he intends to sign ASAP?

    ....and what's with all the sweating???

    • You obviously haven't picked up Axel that Guth has hardly had any sleep since last Saturday night.

      Could you imagine the poor guys nightmares every time he sees a replay of his catching of that kick that he followed through and normally would eat 999 times out of 1000.

      I suspect there are quiet a few Parra players that may have similar problems, put it this way if Bellamey was our coach, I would like to be a fly on the wall when you turned up for training on monday! There would be a lot of sweating at my guess.

  • Hate all the sickly sweet "nice" "nice" looking good fronts put on by anyone including our club and players. 

    • Yeah mate, If I were the boss, I would have been raging-coal seething at Gutho's public media circus. You can tell me anything to my face, I'm fine with that, respect it, but to play it out in public and make the club look like a circus and put pressure on the club to re-sign the coach - publically - in the hands of those vulture media types; FMD. And that's from our Captain. No respect for that. It's not unlike the internal cannabilism we've seen play out in public before at our club. I'll be astounded if the club is okay with that.

      • How do you know they are OK with it? If the club publicly denounced this behaviour, they are just fanning the fire. It they control what the release to the media, then that helps to keep a lid on the circus.

        • Longfin, you're right: maybe. Maybe, the club was or is privately, in truth, seething at the public circus Gutho created. 

          Maybe they accepted the guy's still a big kid being mislead by his agent? 

          But Gutho still got a great deal. For 3 years. He's still the Captain. That's a long time to hold a "big-kid" Captain whose attitude you're really unhappy with, in truth, and trying to mask it publically with smiles all round.

          Even Botox couldn't do a better job.


      • I’m flummoxed why so many people have taken this personally, this was purely business. This is the modern pro sports landscape.

        Rugby League and it’s broader fan base has just gotten a shot of reality. This is just normal negotiating in other parts of the world.

        Seriously, in the US no one would blink at this whole scenario.

        • You try telling that to Steelers fans over Antonio Brown, Brett. Or Liverpool fans over Phil Coutinho.

          It wasn't so much that there were negotiations going on, it's the way in which his manager and to a lesser degree, Clint went about it. Capped off by him complaining last week about how he wished it was over. It was his manager leaking to the media, his manager causing the media circus. You can't be complicit in that and complain about it.

          • I do agree with that last statement, and I would suggest Gutho bit off more than he realised. It was his first major contract negotiation. 

            But as fans we simply can’t take it personally. 

This reply was deleted.

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