The Wests Tigers have all but secured English international John Bateman for the 2023 season but SEN’s Michelle Bishop has revealed the deal has yet to be confirmed as the club believes it can also acquire Parramatta Eels halfback Mitchell Moses.

Moses began his career at the Tigers in 2014 and after 67 matches with the club and subsequently moved to Parramatta midway through 2017 season. The 28-year-old is off contract at the end of the 2023 season and is available to be signed for the 2024 season.

Bishop said that the Tigers are holding out on signing Bateman until they know more details around the salary cap and evaluate whether making a bid on Moses is possible.

“The Wests Tigers have actually agreed to pay Bateman’s transfer fee from the UK. That’s all happening,” Bishop said on SEN 1170 Breakfast.

“The Mitchell Moses situation could be the thing that’s holding it up.

“The Tigers are going all guns blazing and they actually want Moses for 2023.

“They need to leave some cash in the cap for that to become a reality.

“Both Bateman and Moses share the same player manager, so they clearly hold the trump card in this one.

“Nervous times for Eels fans.”

Bishop said that it was “wishful thinking” on the Tigers part but commended the club for aggressively pursuing star players.

The Daily Telegraph’s David Riccio said that Moses will see out the final year of his contract at the Eels but is long odds to remain at the club beyond the 2023 season.

“I received a call (from a source) that suggested there is no way in the world that Mitchell Moses will be there (at the Eels) in 2024,” Riccio said onSEN 1170 Breakfast.

“If I’m a betting man, I don’t believe that Mitchell Moses will be there in 2024.

“How the Eels try to juggle Dylan Brown, Mitchell Moses, Clint Gutherson, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Junior Paulo, Josh Hodgson and Ryan Matterson into a salary cap is going to be a struggle.

“Parramatta have put a significant four-year package together for Mitch but I don’t think it’s going to be in the vicinity of what rival clubs like the Bulldogs and Tigers will be able to put together.

“I can tell you that Parramatta officials are nervous.

“They are nervous about where this is going to go.”


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  • Like I said wks ago Tigers offer 1.4mill a year for 4yrs.

    Heads should roll at Eels headquarters. Fcuking unacceptable.

    • If that's their offer then so be it. Ours shouldn't match it. No way on Earth. That's stupid overs , club crippling stuff.  Moses will be the joke of the league struggling over there on that kinda coin. Good luck to him if that's his decision. 

      • How much do you think we should offer him Wiz, under the new salary cap

        • 1.2 tops , like absaloute tops. Even then I'd say we are at overs , although I'm comfortable with those overs not to have to be going to market this seaon. 


          I do agree that heads should roll though. The fucking moron that allowed Moses to have an out clause from his contract is a fucking moron.  Like I've pointed out , Our offer was far more attractive and lucrative to Moses than Brisbanes , he'd have been a fool not to have signed our contract over Brisbanes . So people need to drop the routine about his loyalty when Brisbane offered him a million a season. 

          We did not need to drop our pants to the extent of putting us in the situation we are in now. 

          • That's on O'Neill. He should've been shown the door after this year's debacle. Why he's still in the job is beyond me quite frankly.  

            • But pops says O'neil has been 'outstanding', im confused.

              • That's ok Snakey, all you have to remember when you quote Pop's is that he is a billion trillion times more intelligent than you....well that was what Carlo said when she asked for my advice on which political party to support....LOL

            • Most were prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt if they made sacrifices in order to preserve cap space for Moses & Brown. But if either are allowed to leave, then yes he should be punted. 

          • Plenty of clubs agree to player options. It's a way of getting the player to agree to less money. Without Moses' option we might not have been able to field a squad good enough to make the grand final this year.

            • But he didn't agree to less money , at the time 950k was pretty much on par with his value , the Broncos offer was " reportedly " a massive offer.  We came in a pretty much equal to their " massive " offer when you consider he'd spend at least 100k in funds and effort relocating , and still not be assured of finding any form .  At the time our 950k was pretty substantial. Broncs offer was a million a year for 3 years and they were a struggling club without a coach by memory . 

              Ours was a fanny hair under , a club on the rise , wouldn't need to relocate , a steady coaching program , and we felt we needed to offer him and out on top after 2 years  ? Pfft , terrible.  We'd have been better off matching the million and taking away the clause. Dumb shits . 

              Yes plenty offer a out clause , but usually if you're getting some kind of return from it like an extra year or as you say , a cheaper price . Neither of which we got.  It' was because we panicked and didn't hold our nerve so took the easy way out and Moses got a deal of a lifetime when he wasn't even really in demand. 

              I don't think the extra 50k we saved helped us make the GF considering we were chasing props mid season it's safe to say we had a lil bit up our sleeve. 

This reply was deleted.

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