Musings of an old Unicorn

1. Cowboy's played well and deserved to win.

2. We cannot continue with JA in the 17 or for that matter the 21

3. BA has essentially split this team up with his approach to playing JA. Did anyone notice the Moses interview after the game "he was ropable" does anyone understand why? He was essentially replaced by JA playing the 7 role and him playing somewhere in the centres and 5/8. Note this all happened in the first half.....the key breakdowns and fuck ups all centred around JA's involvement, even if he did nothing particularly wrong....he was just there and showed that he could not handle the job....shovelling it out like we did the previous week is essentially the game plan Cowboys expected. Todd Paynton knew this and instructed his team to play in the middle and keep it tight.

4. The first half Parra had say 6 chances to score and Cowboys 2. The Cowboys executed their opportunities pefectly, both those tries were not defendable. All ours fell down through poor execution. 15-0 was not a true indication.

5. Second half Moses came back into playing the 7 and JA disappeared, I don't think Dylan Brown hardley touched it in the first half....second half we had two tries disallowed that should have been scored, Lane fumble over the line and I cannot remember who was involved with the second....anyway the score could have been 15-12 and game on. 

6. Because we didn't score the points we played catch up, Cowboys were energised at the real prospect of winning whereas they may have taken the gas at 15-12.

7. Letting in those last 3 tries was embarrassing, some ordinary one on one misses and no cover defence, DB is in the front line, he is our cover defence, JA tried hard but so does my 20 month old grandson.

So summary is we cannot win many games with this current squad and the realisation for BA is to have different plans for different sides, Feldt is not a great winger and has errors in him but with good execution inside him he is pretty good. No better than ours, some people believe Pereham was exposed/showed up.....I don't believe that, he was ok....its just like riding a bike and we had one link broken, fucks the whole ride.

BA will not be sacked and arguably we have no one better for the sake of what we are learning at this point in time. If JA is not playing next game and we have Marata back in the centres, we can still beat Panthers, no chance otherwise.

Finally some good news, if no one has said it already....The Brisbane press made a statement that JA has been offered to Storm, presumably for next year but we could start a petition to have him go now. It would be best for everyone with the possible exception of Storm.

I have tried to rationalise this blog into something coherent given all the vendetta's and wasted words on BA , create a platform of analysing where we went to and create room for what ever fixes can practically be applied.

PS and note, I didn't need to mention the word nepotism in the whole blog.

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  • Thanks for the catch up 

    I was in the riff last night at a party and missed the whole game thankfully ....

    sounds like more of the same bullshit 

    • Hope no one was injured in the fight ?  Was it the girls or the guys biffing ? Or both ?  I hear they have some really nice carpark locations for their party's out that way these days . 

    • I hope you were the dominant and got laid last night Carls because us stay at homes had to watch it and take it up the "arse" regardless.

      PS You are too old to party, alternatively party in the buff rather than the makes it easier to get laid!

      Ah! the good old days when orgies were Roman and the people didn't care who they were laying!

  • 1.  The cowboys aren't anything special , but so aren't the eels who will struggle to make the 8.

    2. Everyone bar Brad and Brissy would agree with Jake being there.  He'll be the first chosen next week.

    3. Correct 

    4. Luckily I Didn't watch the match was at the Star winning on Texas .

    5. '''

    6. Dumbest decision taking an acclimatized cows to Darwin,  couldn't get much dumber than that.

    7.if Jake is in the 17 next week,  ill lose my shit, and why is  poppa  looking like he wants out of the Unicorn team asap. Sorry but it won't be happening 

    8. Are you smoking grass again or has the viagra messed your hormonal imbalances again ?

    • 2. You clearly have no idea what I've said as it's the exact opposite. But yeah, don't let facts get in the way of a good story, eh??? That's the 1EE way after all...

    • You have put too much thought into this Chiefy and we both know that thinking is not one of your strong "suits".

  • Some very good points made Pops but the tip about the Brisbane media suggesting JA has been offered to the storm is either 'tongue in cheek' or outright bullshit. I mean think about it. There's no way the kid can get a bus licence to drive team around. Maybe BA's been offered a job with Vic Roads or something.

    • No its one of those summaries about all the players up for contracts....I was interested in the wording JA has been "offered to Melbourne", that would be a very smart move by BA....I have been calling for him to go to Newcastle since last year as I consider it an impossible task for a father to coach a fringe player....that's all he is at the moment......all the bullshit about promise/potential aside. He is splintering this team and tragically ruining his own destiny.

      • Poppa, brilliant choice of words to conclude your post mate. "......all the bullshit about promise/potential aside. He is splintering this team and tragically ruining his own destiny.

        I would add "and must be creating more division within the playing group than he is onfield, they are not stupid concerning the theft our our most damaging player on the left side off ruck by moving one of the NRL's best 5/8 to centre so we can include a slow traffic cop into our halves...........Brilliant ?????? 

  • We were not only in the game , but we were dominating the game and wearing them down until he who I won't mentioned spilled a piss easy take .  What the fuck was he thinking ? All the time in the world , dry conditions , and he jumped about 3 hours too early.  

    I looked at my wife and said , there's the game. They'll score here and will run away with it .  Had fuck all to do with Jake Arthur.  If the captain doesn't fuck that up,  we are still very much in the game , even carrying a disability in the halves.  Not sure why his errors seems to affect us so much to the point whereas his rookie fumbles usually result in us losing in that manner , but they do and anyone that's really taken any notice of him since mid last year would be aware of about 8 games which are a carbon copy of how last night unfolded. And the kid wasn't playing in all of them.  

    So.... what happened against the Tigers ?  Was it the spirit of JA that killed our star halves pairing off ? JA should not be there next week, but last night was not his fault. It's the attitude of our senior players that let us down. They're unprofessional.  Reed and Gutherson should donate their paycheques and Moses needs to look in the mirror.  

    Poor Mitch's Mrs .  He must be a hoot in the bedroom.  The poor girl would know that she's destined for 3.65 minutes of missionary for the rest of her life if she stays with him.  He is that fucking one dimensional and predictable.  Dead set she'd get exactly the same standard thing every root. 

This reply was deleted.

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