• Poppa will be torn apart with the news of his godson Mark O'neill leaving.  Poppa has thrown his full support behind O'neill writing umpteen blogs about his success but lately has stabbed him in the back saying he was the cause of our recent downfall lol.  Plopps doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

    • Poor guy. Pop

      • Just reviewing this blog as I noticed that Adnan would like to give Kurtley Beale a I thought what other quality blogs Adnan may have blessed us with and I came up with this little beauty!

        Chief displays all his wisdom as to what he would do, Jimmy Wong....well what can you say about him?

        Everyone on this blog should review their own coments and it would make more interesting a view than where Kurtly Beale would actually play in our "backline"?

        In the interim there are only a few that could hold their head up high and surprisingly enough that is Coryn and Brett, the only two that have an inkling of how a GM may work and a club may manage same.

        Come on guys put some words of wisdom in hindsight on your comments?

    • Wow, I wasn't aware Poppa was related to Mark O'Neil. 

      • Poppa has unfortunately divorced all ties with O'Neil. Poppa is now a backflipper as he is now making O'Neil Brad's scapegoat.  

        • There has been a family meeting and it has been agreed that Mark should remain in the least untill he leaves and takes Chiefy and Jimmy with him!

          • Only hope. 

  • Good now approach Smith to return in that capacity 

    • which smith?

      • Tim

This reply was deleted.

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