• It was ridiculously cruel about 20 years ago.

      • 21 actually

    • Yes I think even the NRL know we need our Cinderella story too 

  • I can't fathom why the Cowboys are favourites. 
    Home ground advantage doesn't exist in a preliminary final and the temperature and humidity will have no bearing it's all bollocks.

    Parra are a battle hardened semi final side with plenty of finals experience throughout the squad with a plethora of dissapointment to draw on for inspiration to not let it happen again.

    Weve played the Panthers twice in the last couple of months, the Storm and Rabbits giving us a semi final steel.

    The Cowboys haven't had the hardened preparation for a title shot and for the most part are bereft of semi final experience. 
    Eels comfortably for mine 28-10 MOM Mahoney finally finding his feet and producing a dominant running game from dummyhalf.

    • Real good points there Bup I hadn't considered. 

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    • Have you lost faith in your man BA?, what a negative Nancy.

    • Go W-I-L-S-O-N castaway extrordinair 

  • Going against all my inner fears of Parramatta letting us down yet again , I'll say 26 - 0 to us .  BAs root and boot fly in  fly out approach proving a masterclass .  

    I am worried about he NRLs desire to have a QLD team in the semi finals however . We could get totally stitched up here just like we did against the Panthers last year . 

  • Quick question, not worth a whole blog...hows everybody's nerves going, ive been picturing big moments and potential results for days now. Need kick off to be here

    • Nerves are good and expectations are low . Just how an Eels fan should go into these games .  It all really hinges on two players , maybe 3 tbh . If they turn up we can win convincingly.  

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