Eels performance against sharks

1. Gutho - was very solid without being spectacular. Did his job in the rain.

2. Sivo - very poor game. He barely involves himself during the game. Bombed an easy try and cost us 2 tries. Showed no urgency to get rid of the ball for Ramiens try and then rushed up on Kenedy for no reason in the third try. Normally he followed what Jenko does, but he rushed out for no reason. 

3. Jenko - Solid. Him and Gutho cannot be blamed for overunning and slipping in the third try due to the conditions.

4. Blake - alright game. His first contact wasn't good as usual and with the slippery conditions it made him look even worse in defence.

5. Fergo - God knows what that pass was. Few droped balls (understand that due to the slippery condition but the sideline pass was horrible). Despite his errors I believed he provided good meters from the back with his carries.

6. D Brown - MOM. So happy. Hopefully all the poeple critiquing him can shut up now. He played brilliantly running the ball and good short passez to Lane instead of risky long passes in the weather. I wrote a week back how he is very deceptively strong and people should be ready for an offload when he runs. So happy Evans followed through and as a result scored. Secondly, I also mentioned how he should show more intent when running the ball with decoys around him and dummying. He did that today which resulted in a try, try assist and also good running meters.

7. M Moses -  Very good short kicking game forcing numerous line drop outs. Probably could of past to Blake when he was running down the touchline. Blake is much faster and Moses already has a dogey calf. Converted well and defended very strong considering the wet weather. Good overall game.

8. 10. 13.Paulo & RCG & N Brown - Just their usual standard these days. Good defence in the middle, great intensity (N Brown) and running meters. Arguably the best foward pack.

11.12. Lane & Marata -  Good defence and running meters as well. I felt like both espicially Marata provided great post contact meters which is vital for wet weather. Both made an error or so which is understanable in this weather.

9. Mahoney - Very good defensive game from the small man. Made plenty of tackles and chopped down many larger blokes. Thought he could of used his great kicking game during the match more often for field position. - Evans & Stone & Davey & Kafusi - Davey is our new Gower. He was great in defence and has good ability with the ball during his short time on the field. Stone provided intensity and was great defenc, espically his tackles on Rudolf. Evans and Kafusi were both good. An error or so but did their job. Will be sad to see if Evans goes next year.


Team performance:

We can't be over critical of this performance. Just because we haven't been at our best recently, doesn't mean we played badly today. It's near impossible to train for these freezing cold, pissing raining, flooding ground conditions. Even if they could, it is still extremely difficult to catch, pass, tackle (hit and stick) during wet weather. We should just be happy we came home with the 2 points. Expecting us to smash sharks in these condition is ludicrous. While's Fergo brain snap and him, Sivo and Blakes defensive reads need to improve, other errors in the game should not be over criticised. Completing around 80% in these conditons is great. Our teams collective defensive effort, grit and determination for these conditons is a massive postive. All in all, great work by the boys and in these conditions all you have to do is win the game depsite how bad you play. 



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  • Not sure what's going on with Sivo but his defense and overall play don't seem to be improving this year as compred to how he came on last year.

    • I'm not sure if there's any truth to this but I heard Sivo smokes like a chimney. Best put the durries away old son if you want to run fast and play hard!

      • Surprising given the amount of fitness they do

      • C'mon the days of Warne are long gone, get me a pic of him smoking

  • Our wingers were deplorable, so much so I would consider dropping them if rain was forecast the next time we played. Seriously those 2were on another planet. 

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