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Do we need another prop

Rumour are we are after Burgess and Lodge.

Would have been good news for the start of this season but now I  think it would be a big mistake.

Kafusi will be a regular starter next season and Stefano will be ready to be given a try at first grade next season. We need to make sure they have room to grow.

We are paying big money for Junior. I don't think we can afford to spend overs on another prop like Burgess and to a lesser extent Lodge. 

Next Season we have Junior as our big alpha prop. Alvaro as a workhorse. Mannah as a reliable impact off the bench. Terepo as a good value fast leg speed prop. Kafusi as an up an coming alpha prop. Stephano to trial as a big body alpha prop. With Lane and Nuikore playing big minutes we also will have Tepai and Mau plaing in the middle. NBrown will be at lock.

That is nine first grade middle forwards for at most seven first grade spots. Really we only need depth signings unless we let a couple go However, with two potential alpha props coming through I would prefer to be patient and not waste cap space on another marqui prop signing.

Only argument is the need for someone to show our young up and comers the tricks of the trade but I am not sure Burgess and Lodge are the right ones or good value for this job.

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  • We pulled out of any deal for George Burgess, rumours are he may retire

    • Thanks 

      • Reported he isn’t retiring and that he has four offers on the table - two from super league and two from NRL and Parra isn’t one of them.

  • Alvaro as a workhorse?  The guy is a slug and non contributor.  He is lazy in defence especially around the ruck.  I don’t know what his contractual arrangements are but I for one want to see him wearing any other jersey than blue and gold.

    His best game of the year was against the Tigers.

    • lol couldnt agree more. Alvaro will end up in Super league within the next couple of seasons. Only Parra would be dumb enough to re-sign him. 

      The best forwards these days need to have a good pass, leg speed and footwork. Unfortunately Alvaro is an old school forward which doesnt really cut it in the NRL these days. 

      • Never been an Alvaro fan but wondered if I just didnt appreciate the work he does/his contribution not as obvious as Junior for example but necessary 

        • The problem with Alvaro is he’s often left on the field too long . That’s when his lateral movement wanes and his feet are anchored to the ground defending around the ruck which looks like laziness but is tiredness. The coaching staff need to get away from this nonsense of replacing bookends after 20 mins . Fatigue should dictate when your props are replaced not the time on the clock.

          • I have noticed he plays better with shorter stints

      • Id disagree whilst hes not a force in attack he gets through alot of work. Defensively he is our best in the wrestle and winning the ruck is very important that being said id have Lodge even though he is a piece of shit human. 

    • Lazy in defence?? Seriously, look at the Newcastle game to see what our middle looks like without Alvaro. What on earth do you base that on?

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