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See heaps of people here blasting French, did I miss something? was he really that bad tonight? yes his attack needs work in terms of decision making but his chiming in is getting there, he is in desperate need of an offensive mind to guide him. And defence, haven't realised on the wing that he can tackle???? and people having a go at a fullback for not tackling, its more worrying that our fullback is in position to make so many tackles, what does it say for our front line of defence?

Tonight our worst by a mile was Jennings bros, Hoffman and Takairangi, I thought French wasn't great, but not terrible either. mark my words, he leaves and gets in the hands of a good offensive mind watch him go.

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If you think Hoffman got targeted it would've been twice as bad on French's wing. It's a lot harder to isolate a fullback, and if they do bomb the middle you've got the option to attack either side on the next play.

French is not a first grade fullback but he is not a winger either.

He's a talented bloke who can score a try and has great skill but sadly he is not suited to the modern game.

He is not big enough or strong enough to compete at the elite level in 2018.   


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