Desperate Need for a Centre

If we are looking for a more balanced side that offers something different in the backline then why are we not making a play for Curtis Scott on a train and play deal similar to Jennings at the Roosters. Yes he has had his issues and I realise it would have to be ratified by the NRL but if he is on the wagon, surrounded by a professional environment , then what have we got to lose. If we go into the season with either Simmonsen or Harper as our strike centres , then unfortunately we cannot expect a different result. THOUGHTS?

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  • We badly need a centre but he's not the sort of bloke who's going to bring what you need to the club. 

    • Agree. The club needs to move on from these losers. Go hard at Junior Tupou (Tigers) or Connor Tracey (sharks). If all else fails, go poach the Panthers juniors... seeing as Parra can't develop their own

  • Yeah i wouldn't go with Scott. In 2022 we looked at giving him a train and trial, to that i thought it was brilliant. Now not so much, he is too much of a liability to have around the group. He played for the Thirlmere Roosters in Group 6 this year, from watching him he was good but liked fighting.

    • We have nothing to lose. At worse he plays reserve, at best he starts or is a backup.

      • 100%
        He can't be worse than all the other plodders we sign and that bloke with the Lionel Richie mo, what's his name again..

          • What the fucks your problem dipshit - you sound like one tough mother....Electric Power 😂😂😂

            Scary - says the guy with a super hero as an avatar. You can't make this shit up.

      • Nothing to lose? He physically assaulted and threatened a woman and has been known as an all around dickhead in the past. People deserve second chances but the 2nd chance doesnt have to be in the NRL with us. Theyre the sort of offences you have to be a 10/10 quality player to get another NRL gig with not a 6/10 player (sad but true).

        • Fergo, Dyldo Brown and Hayne say we are happy to oblige with players who've assulted women. Hayne returned from the US with form in this area long before we took him back . 

    • Thirlmere-Tahmoor Roosters!! (I live in Tahmoor) and it's a big yes for me.  He may have been a dick head in the past but hopefully he's grown up. He's asked that any contact he signs  has a no alcohol clause. So lets take a chance  

    • I'd like a dust up too if I'd been through what he'd been through with false allegations and having to drag myself through the courts to get the truth told. He's been a victim of proven police corruption and dragged through the media after being sexually harassed and defending himself from some crazed homo who was not only harassing him but also sexually assaulted him by touching him after being asked not to. If he were a woman in the same situation he'd have been crowned a brave hero. Instead he was dragged through the courts as an offender. Then proven innocent. Yeah I'd have a chip on my shoulder too. 

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