Depth chart below shows we needed Tuilagi and will need a top quality left centre- that way Simmo is a good quality depth for all positions in the backs. Still 4 spots left. I put Moretti in even though can't find him contracted anywhere. Put Matterson in the middle even though he is on the Eels site as an edge - seems to struggle with lateral movement in defence on the edge.


Depth (26)

FB: Gutho (1)

Wing: Sivo, Russell, AMS, Dunster (4)

Centre: Penisini, Simmo (2)

Halves: Moses, Dylan, Asi (3)

Hooker: Lussick, Hands (2)

Lock: Hopgood, Ofa (2)

Middle: RCG, Paulo, Wiremu, Matterson, Moretti, Makatoa (6)

Edge: Lane, Cartwright, Tuilagi, Doorey, Mataele (5)

Other: Momoisea (1)


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  • I think we sign a Centre and a Winger. Cannot just be happy with the depth we have if Sivo and Simonsson went down, more likely a winger that is looking for an opportunity in FG and can be a diamond in the rough.

    • We are certainly  light on in the backs - my understanding is they really rate a couple of the young kids coming through but they are realistically still 12 months away. I think they don't want to throw big coin at a mediocre player though as the plan is to bring the young guns through. If someone of high quality becomes available that may change I guess. 

    • Given we have Martin, Richard Penisi, Talagi, AMS, Twidle etc coming up the ranks I think you are right and look for a diamond in the rough rather than paying big money

      • But i am meaning looking at say a Kayal Iro or Brad Morkos or Tony Francis, players in NSW and QLD cup that are playing well looking for a chance as a Wing/Centre. Though whoever we sign as a Centre and/or Winger, one of them have to be able to play Fullback, not saying for me it is a must, more so that it is apparent we want someone that can go back to Fullback in a pinch.

        • A guy like Corey Allan would be relatively cheap and seemed solid when given a chance at chooks. 

          • I do like the Corey Allan call. He would be relatively cheap and can hold his own at centre or on the wing. Big body as well.

            • 12228252094?profile=RESIZE_930x

            • Realistically, Corey Allen is the only half decent, experienced NRL back on the market. 
              There is absolutely nothing out there. 
              The fact that he can play fullback, wing and centre makes him the one to target. 

              • I thought Simmonson could also play FB. Unless I am wrong, if we had another decent center option then Simmo could be our depth

        • Oates and Olam are the solution, if you can get them? Offer too good to refuse!

          They are near the end of their careers and the youngsters coming through will dovetail perfectly into their replacements.

          Please just do it Parra and dont penny pinch, it will change our whole dynamic as a team.

          Its as close as we will get to the Jennings Ferguson edition and if they stay fit I reckon a top 2 finish is not out of the question.

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