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Do not normally like listening to Denan Kemp, though he talks quite responsibly and he is right in the feelings of Eels fans at the moment. I mean it has yet to be announced by Parramatta, Papali'i and Niukore were both announced as leaving by Parramatta, Mahoney not yet so unless he has agreed but not signed or the 10 day cooling off period has put into effect or there is another reason a backflip is slim but never know and let us hope so, but Kemp bring up excellent points into the thought process that does not make sense.

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              • Well don't squeeze your ass cheeks to hars super because you'll need a plumber to sort out the congestion 

              • That is some hail mary shit right there super

                • I've got Aaron Rodgers throwing that hail mary for me and Randall Cobb and Davante Adams are in the end zone. I've got a chance!

  • It's a done deal they wouldn't of leaked it otherwise.

    The club will be spinning some bullshit statement or maybe they are negotiating for him fuck off now.

    Who knows

  • Let this sink in, Reed chose Trent Barrett over Brad Arthur.

    • Hopefully this event will finally put to bed the idiotic claim of 'the players love playing for BA'.

      • I haven't seen Bennett attract any of the players they targeted. It's all about the money & you can't blame him. 

        • Pretty much. I just hope that this BA loving myth is over. The fans can hopefully now see that he has no 'magical' hold over them.

          • It's not a myth, the players do live playing for BA, that is fairly obvious, but that carries limited weight when it comes to contract negotiations. 

    • No he chose money. 

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